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Change Management Seminar

Managing change
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Description: Change Management Seminar

Change can be perceived as a risk, especially when changing something that has worked well in the past. In most cases, however, change processes lead to new opportunities and secure associated competitive advantages for the future. Especially with regard to digitalisation, it is therefore important to keep pace in order not to fall behind. In our change management seminar, we teach managers the most important basics of active change management, so that you can approach this in a relaxed manner thanks to newly acquired knowledge.

Contents: Change Management Seminar

Workshop: Meaning and basics of change management

  • Clarification through some practical examples
  • What are the dangers and difficulties of change?
  • What opportunities and possibilities does a change offer me?

Change Management in Practice: Conditions for Successful Change Management

  • What conditions must be in place?
  • Consistency and continuity in the improvement process (CIP, Kaizen)
  • Managing change in personal work: Achieving great things with small steps
  • Triggering change through creativity techniques
  • Using questioning techniques: Verbalising problems and answering W-questions

The three phases of the change process:

  • Identifying the problem (Unfreezing)
  • Putting change management into practice (Moving)
  • Standardising change (Refreezing)

Methods for dealing with issues

  • Problem Analysis Scheme (P.A.S.)
  • Four-field and the two-field scheme
  • Cause-effect diagram, relations diagram, matrix
  • Action plan
  • Goal-setting and goal-oriented methods: Goal-setting process - how to realise your goals

Taking action and implementing change

  • Analysing potential for change through as-is analysis
  • SWOT analysis as an instrument of strategic planning
  • Developing change projects
  • Deepening and internalising learned contents

Your benefit: Change Management Seminar

Our change management seminar teaches managers the most important basics of active change management. You will learn how to overcome hurdles, initiate change processes in your own company, accompany them and finally implement them successfully and confidently.

  • In our change management seminar, you will get an overview of the basics of change processes and deal with the social and psychological mechanisms that can trigger a change process.
  • In the face-to-face seminar, you will learn how to deal with difficult situations in change management before problems arise: After our face-to-face seminar you will be able to deal with emerging resistance from your employees on a social, psychological and professional level.
  • You will learn how to effectively use proven methods, questioning and creative techniques to initiate and implement change.
  • The Change Management Seminar shows you how to involve your employees in change processes and how to keep the motivation of your employees at a constantly high level through sensible measures.
  • Our Change Management Seminar helps you to overcome uncertainties in order to strengthen your change competence and to face innovations in an empowered way. After the change management seminar, you will be familiar with the material that awaits you in a change process and meet all the requirements.

Methodology and didactics: Change Management Seminar

The content of the change management seminar is divided into theoretical and practical units. In addition to learning the elementary basics of active change management, the participants are encouraged in group work in the workshop to work out strategic solutions in a targeted manner through concrete practical case studies. Furthermore, the change management seminar offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their own attitudes to the topics of change and their own resistance as well as their personal skills in the classroom seminar.

Target group of the Change Management Seminar

The seminar content of the Change Management Seminar is primarily aimed at managers working in project management and people in positions of responsibility who are aiming for targeted change projects in their company and want to accompany them successfully and effectively through all phases up to integration.

Seminar dates & locations

07.11.2022 - 08.11.2022
Online training
1.090,00 EUR
28.11.2022 - 29.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR

Change Management Seminar as an in-house seminar

You would like to hold the Change Management Seminar in your company as an in-house seminar? That is of course possible. We will be happy to provide you with an individual and non-binding offer that corresponds to your approach to content, your time frame and other wishes. Simply send us an enquiry to:

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Change - opportunity or danger?

In a world of constant change, companies need to be agile enough not only to participate successfully in the market, but also to remain competitive. In doing so, it is beneficial to recognise that things that were once common practice or even necessary strategies can also become obsolete. Of course, change always harbours a certain potential for danger; after all, something can always get out of hand. However, the potential that arises from the ability to change is significantly higher and also reflects the flexibility of the company. Moreover, risk factors that could influence the upcoming changes can be managed in a constructive and organised way. In this way, it is possible to identify and circumvent problems that arise in the control of processes, for example, in advance.

What is change management?

It is not at all easy to formulate a generally valid definition for the term change management. Change processes in a company usually have lasting and far-reaching effects that are carried out within a company. Change management includes all those tasks that serve to provide processes and control as well as structures or strategies with new patterns of behaviour. Of course, this also includes training employees on how to behave in the various phases in order to maintain operating procedures and avoid sources of error. If change processes are to succeed, it makes sense, for example, to attend a change management seminar. Especially managers who are striving for change meet like-minded people from the same target group at a change management seminar and can benefit from it. In addition to well-founded, necessary basics, case studies from practice are often used, which can be discussed lively and interactively in group work, such as the topic of change and resistance in one's own company.

Change management as a success factor

Change management in itself is usually a guarantee for success. However, there are some factors that contribute to whether change management can be lived in a company. Probably the most important aspect is the issue of communication. If changes are to be made in a company, all those involved should be informed from the outset. In order to keep resistance within your own ranks as low as possible, you should involve all parties in the process. This includes not only the involvement of employees, but also suppliers and others. Of course, this is not always easy, but you will see that all stakeholders react differently if they are not presented with a fait accompli. This step is an important building block in terms of change competence. Would you like to integrate successful change management in your company? Then why not attend a change management seminar?

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