Leadership Seminar Munich

Leadership Seminar Munich

Seminar fee
1.090,00 EUR
(plus VAT)
Zurich: 1.400,00 CHF
Available as online training!

Optimise your day-to-day leadership with a leadership seminar in Munich

Today, managers face many challenges in their everyday leadership. Employee management in particular has changed dramatically in recent years. Employees have different expectations of the workplace, new working models are becoming established and the shortage of skilled workers is creating additional pressure to find and retain good staff. The increasing complexity of leadership practice as well as the associated leadership tasks requires a revised leadership competence that adapts to the new requirements. Leadership instruments and tools continue to develop, and leadership behaviour must be optimised at the same time. Only in this way will Leadership 4.0 succeed.

Are you faced with questions such as: What options do I have today to motivate employees and bind them to the company in the long term? How do I confidently resolve conflict situations and avoid areas of conflict? How can I, as a manager, revise my own management style? Then a leadership seminar in Munich is just the right thing for you. Within the two-day training, we will show you how to develop your leadership role and strengthen it in relation to your employees. With practical examples, we prepare you for different situations and provide you with effective tools for your leadership role.

Targeted further training at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy

We not only lay the general foundation, but also specifically address your individual situation and leadership qualities in the Employee Leadership seminar in Munich. Because the leadership training at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy is conducted in small groups, there is plenty of room for your needs. At the end of the Employee Leadership Seminar Munich, you will know exactly how to consistently increase the company's success with top performance together with your motivated team. Our experts will support you and teach you the necessary skills. Both in an employee leadership seminar in Munich and as an in-house solution on site.

Seminar dates & locations

06.10.2022 - 07.10.2022
1.090,00 EUR
14.11.2022 - 15.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR
30.01.2023 - 31.01.2023
1.090,00 EUR
24.04.2023 - 25.04.2023
1.090,00 EUR

Further event dates and locations available

We run this event in various cities and on numerous dates throughout the year. Choose your preferred date from our full schedule to attend the Employee Leadership Seminar in a city near you.

Leadership Seminar Munich: Get to know and apply leadership tools

In our employee leadership seminar in the heart of Munich, we combine theoretical basics with practical content so that you can immediately use newly acquired leadership instruments and leadership tools. During the seminar days, you will critically question and reflect on your current leadership style, receive new impulses for optimisation and further development and learn how to use employee-oriented leadership behaviour in a targeted manner. The seminar contents include

  • the principles and requirements of personnel management
  • Analysis and development of one's own leadership personality
  • Getting to know and applying new leadership tools
  • Refining communication with staff (motivating instead of demotivating)

The target group of the staff leadership seminar in Munich are managers, executives and aspiring managers who want to expand their knowledge and seek further development and reorientation through interactive exercises, an effective exchange between participants and the best expert tips.

Leadership seminars in Munich for new professional perspectives

We at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy have some advantages in store for you. The aim of the employee management seminar in Munich is that you receive real added value through the combination of theory and practice, which can be directly applied in everyday business life. The acquired knowledge is consolidated on site through targeted exercises.

When it comes to seminar venues, we choose business centres or equally equipped event hotels. Around 14 days before the leadership seminar in Munich, you will receive all important information, such as the venue, by email and will always be kept up to date.

We have deliberately decided to limit the groups to a maximum of eight participants. In this way, we create a space in our seminars in which you can question and realign your own leadership skills. Within role-plays and exercises, some of which we accompany with video recordings, we train different everyday situations, such as appraisal interviews, and offer all participants a nurturing exchange of experiences.

Every seminar, including the one in Munich, is comprehensively accompanied by catering at lunch and during the breaks. We also guarantee 100% implementation. Even a free cancellation, a change of booking or the sending of another employee is possible with us at any time. Decide now in favour of the leadership seminar in Munich - without risk, but with guaranteed added value.

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