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Sales training: With the right techniques and soft skills to success

Selling should be learned. Because excellent product knowledge does not immediately make you a successful salesperson. A self-confident and authentic appearance, positive body language, empathy and social skills, confident negotiating skills, extensive customer knowledge as well as strategies for leading conversations and persuasion techniques are important foundations for the outcome of any sales conversation, whether on the phone or in person. Especially in competitive and volatile markets, it is indispensable as a salesperson to keep up with the times and know the customer's needs at all times in order to be able to serve them profitably. The goal of every salesperson is to stand out from the competition and to make one's own product or service palatable to customers in order to ultimately sell. With our sales training courses, you will acquire valuable knowledge and useful skills for successful distribution and sales in the future.

What is sales training?

Selling means persuading the customer. Consequently, in addition to factual arguments that speak for your service or product, you need certain soft skills with which you can win over the customer. In our sales seminars we teach you all the important basics of sales psychology, skills and sales techniques that will make you a successful salesperson. You have no or little experience in sales and want to know how you come across to your customers? You want to react to resistance and objections of difficult customers in a benefit-oriented way in order to change their minds? Would you like to conduct more successful price negotiations in the future? By choosing the appropriate training, you yourself determine the focus of your sales training that you want to train. Our sales trainers give you feedback in the practice-oriented sales training courses and ultimately help you to achieve sales success.

6 reasons to attend a sales training course

  1. Acquire fundamental knowledge and techniques that will help you to influence the outcome of a client conversation in your favour.
  2. Learn to adapt to different personalities and to recognise and meet the needs of different people.
  3. Learn how to use good objection handling to convince even the most difficult customer of your service or product.
  4. With appropriate soft skills and techniques, you will get to know your customers, get them on your side and build a long-term customer relationship through trust.
  5. Reflect on your appearance as a salesperson in order to develop yourself further.
  6. Positive and successful conversations increase your motivation, which in turn affects your productivity and influences your success at work.

Your individual learning journey as a distributor & salesperson

Sales training: who are the seminars aimed at?

In our sales training courses you will learn all the necessary skills you need for sales or distribution. Since we address different target groups with our sales training courses, certain practical experience is a prerequisite for participation in some seminars. Basically, however, our sales training courses are aimed at employees as well as specialists and managers from sales and distribution in the office or in the field.

Sales training: How to become a successful salesperson

Whether as an employee in customer service, as a salesperson or as a salesperson in the office or in the field - the targeted acquisition and retention of customers is always the focus. With the following qualities and measures, you will make your customers happy and achieve the sales success you desire.

  • Customer orientation: The customer is king. With appropriate questioning techniques you will find out what exactly the customer wants and how you can fulfil this wish.
  • Good preparation: Keep your knowledge of the market and the competition up to date and prepare for each sales talk individually in order to build a good and long-term relationship.
  • Empathy: With some customer knowledge and empathy, you will succeed in building a good relationship with your customers.
  • Listening: Your customer is looking for you because he has a problem that you can solve with the service or product you offer. So listen to him attentively in order to provide him with a quick and direct remedy.
  • Negotiating skills: Not every customer is easy to influence. With confident negotiation skills, you can defy resistance from more difficult customers.
  • Self-confidence: Only if you are convinced of yourself and the product or service you offer can you keep the upper hand in price negotiations, be successful in winning new customers and make cold calls without inhibitions.

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Sales training methods: this is what sales training looks like with us

In our sales seminars, you will first develop theoretical background knowledge with our sales trainers before putting what you have learned into practice, usually with the help of individual and group work, role plays, discussions on best practices and feedback rounds. The methods vary in part from sales training to sales training. You can find more information on the pages of the respective training.

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