Improve buyer competencies

Improve professional competencies of buyers

Further training and becoming a purchasing professional

Do you want to be successful in purchasing negotiations? Would you like to refine your purchasing strategy and improve your professional competence as a buyer? With an individual training programme, you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge in a targeted and granular way. Especially if you already have prior knowledge, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution that perfectly matches your level of knowledge. With our training package, you can put together your own seminars and thus pick up where you want. Our seminar proposals do not meet your expectations? Feel free to contact us! Together we will find the combination that will improve your professional competence as a buyer!

Improve professional competencies of buyers: Building the development programme

In order to improve the professional competences of buyers, the training package for buyers of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy trains important soft skills in four elective modules, each of which includes a two-day training. Each of the four modules covers a separate area of competence:

  1. Elective module: Seminar Purchasing
  2. Elective module: Communication
  3. Elective module: Personality development
  4. Elective module: Work Organisation & Technique

This programme is suitable for fully improving the professional competences of buyers. Let yourself be inspired by the range of topics for the four elective modules of the training package and decide on one of the suggestions in each case. We will be happy to advise you personally on the selection in order to find the most suitable elective modules together with you.

Improve professional competencies of buyers and save money in the process

If you want to improve the professional skills of buyers, this training package allows you to save 10% compared to booking four individual seminar events. Feel free to let us know which elective modules you have selected as part of the booking process. We will automatically include the above discount in the invoice.

1st elective module: Buyer training

  • Recommendation
Purchasing training
  • 31 Dates
  • 12 Cities
56 Reviews

2nd elective module: Communication seminar

3rd elective module: Personality training

4th elective module: Seminar Work Technique & Work Organisation

  • Recommendation
Time Management Seminar
  • 58 Dates
  • 14 Cities
78 Reviews

Strategic purchasing planning and conducting confident negotiations

Every detail counts in purchasing negotiations, so it always makes sense to improve the necessary professional skills of buyers. However, the work can only be done efficiently with the right strategy. Planning and calculation take up about 80% of the working time, the operative part only about 20%. It is therefore all the more important that the purchasing strategy is chosen carefully and in a target-oriented manner from the very beginning. A coherent purchasing strategy helps to organise the purchasing and logistics chain perfectly and to ensure a smooth process.

Furthermore, it also helps you to improve the professional competence of buyers in order to master even difficult negotiation talks later on with the right communication strategy and self-confidence. After all, if you gather all the information in advance and summarise it in a sophisticated argumentation, it is easier to convince your counterpart in the negotiation meeting and to secure the decisive advantage.

Would you like to improve the professional skills of buyers even more individually?

In each of the elective modules listed above we present two seminars, from which you can always choose one to improve the professional competence of buyers. Please feel free to contact us if our seminar suggestions do not meet your purchasing department's personal training needs. We will help you find a custom-fit selection of seminar modules from our comprehensive portfolio of topics for buyers that meets individual development needs.

Our goal is to ensure that the learning journey of your purchasing and procurement staff is as individual as possible with our advanced training package for purchasing! To improve the professional competences of buyers, we pick up where you need it.

What skills should a good buyer have?

In addition to the necessary hard skills such as text reliability and software knowledge (e.g. the merchandise management programme), soft skills are needed at a high level in purchasing. If you want to improve the professional skills of buyers, you should develop the skills in the following disciplines:

  • Communicationskills
    For more confidence in negotiations and to manage a wide variety of business partners, it is important to have a balance of clear speech, skilful articulation and the right dose of small talk.
  • Knowing people
    In order to negotiate at eye level, it is essential in purchasing to be able to assess your counterpart correctly. A good understanding of human nature helps you to understand the negotiating tactics of your counterpart within seconds so that you can react appropriately.
  • Technical understanding
    Technical understanding includes not only IT knowledge for the necessary programmes, but also knowledge of logistics processes. This is important so that long searches can be saved and products can be obtained quickly in the desired quality and at good prices.
  • Economic thinking
    Purchasing is about constantly weighing and evaluating the price-performance ratio and possible risks of the offers. The goal is to maximise the profitability of the company.
  • Comprehensive organisational talent
    In addition to the commercial basics, it is particularly important in purchasing to be able to work flexibly and efficiently with a consistent work organisation. This applies not only to the management of the many customer relationships, but also to the calculation and management of offers.

Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

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