Self-confidence training

Self-confidence training

Appear self-confident and confident in business
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Description: Self-confidence training

Your inner confidence is closely linked to your charisma and how you are perceived by others. The feedback you receive from those around you in turn influences your self-confidence. In this seminar you will learn to generate self-confidence by means of your personal strengths. At the same time, you will learn methods of personality development and behavioural change to optimise your effect on others so that you are perceived as self-confident and authentic. With self-awareness, sovereignty and confidence in your professional life, you will increase your own presentation skills and consequently your professional success.

Contents: Self-confidence training

Self-esteem as a driving force

  • Origin and emergence of the attitude towards oneself
  • External factors influencing the feeling of self-esteem
  • How can I increase my self-esteem?
  • Developing behavioural and attitudinal alternatives

Understanding and developing personality

  • Personality as a result of values and attitudes
  • Identifying emotional needs
  • Developing beliefs, removing blocks
  • The five pillars of identity

Self-confidence through inner calm

  • Security through mental control
  • Techniques for relaxation and serenity
  • Developing positive thinking patterns
  • Knowing and using your own strengths

Strengthening a confident appearance

  • Improving the perception of your environment through positive self-assessment
  • Creating a first impression: How do others see me?
  • Body language as a stylistic means of presence
  • Self-confident appearance through social sensitivity

Improvising with confidence

  • Dealing spontaneously with unforeseen circumstances
  • Composure in the face of conflict, criticism and stress
  • Responding independently to verbal attacks
  • Tips and techniques for repartee

Your benefit: Self-confidence training

In this seminar you will learn to gain self-confidence from your inner strengths rather than being unsettled by diffuse expectations and demands from your environment. You will develop skills to build your self-confidence and to be able to bring about mental relaxation in difficult situations. At the same time, you will learn to send out signals of independence and assertiveness in your appearance in order to gain self-confidence from positive feedback. We show you how to set this positive cycle of personality development in motion:

  • You get to know your personal strengths better through self-reflection and draw self-confidence from them.
  • You will recognise your own blockages and inhibiting thought patterns.
  • You develop constructive and solution-oriented options for action
  • You use your personal qualities to gain confidence
  • You signalise independence and assertiveness with your outward effect.
  • You maintain your authenticity and accept weaknesses

Methodology and didactics: Self-confidence training

Whether in the classroom or in the distance learning course - exercises for self-assessment and dealing with your fellow human beings are the starting point of the self-confidence training. They are followed by phases for feedback and reflection and, subsequently, methods for increasing self-confidence in appearance by means of empathic trainer input, individual and group work. Role plays, which are subsequently analysed by video and evaluated in group discussions, serve to apply and consolidate the practices learned. At each stage of the seminar, opportunities are created for participants to exchange experiences and to deal with case studies. Training materials round off the course and are handed out to participants after our seminars.

Target group: Self-confidence training

The self-confidence training is aimed at all employees, specialists and managers who, on the one hand, want to increase their confidence and composure in different situations of everyday professional life. On the other hand, the participants of the seminar intend to be perceived by others as confident and self-assured. Thus, the aim of our seminars is to win over colleagues, superiors, customers and other interlocutors through self-confidence and self-determination.

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14.07.2022 - 15.07.2022
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26.09.2022 - 27.09.2022
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10.10.2022 - 11.10.2022
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17.10.2022 - 18.10.2022
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07.11.2022 - 08.11.2022
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10.11.2022 - 11.11.2022
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17.11.2022 - 18.11.2022
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17.11.2022 - 18.11.2022
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12.12.2022 - 13.12.2022
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15.12.2022 - 16.12.2022
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Self-confidence training as an in-house training

You would like to conduct the self-safety training in your company as an in-house training? That is of course possible! We would be happy to prepare an individual offer that meets your content priorities, your specified time frame and other wishes. Feel free to contact us at:

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Which 5 factors characterise sovereignty in this self-confidence training?

When do others perceive us as self-confident and responsible? Which characteristics are important and what should I look out for? In the following, you will learn five aspects from our self-confidence training that contribute to a confident appearance:

  1. Be independent: Form your own opinion and position yourself with your attitude. This does not necessarily always have to be contradictory; on the other hand, it may be from time to time. A self-confident attitude is demonstrated by independence from the opinions of others.
  2. Be socially competent: A confident demeanour shows in your dealings with those around you. Take an interest in the views of your interlocutors and do not be arrogant if you are right and others are wrong.
  3. Have a realistic picture of yourself: Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and own up to your mistakes. Self-competence is particularly evident in dealing with your own imperfections.
  4. Be tolerant: Your self-confidence is put to the test especially in the moments when something happens. Acquire a certain tolerance for mistakes and always assume that something will not go as you planned. Ego-strength shows in your spontaneous reactions.
  5. Be balanced: Emotional stability breeds self-confidence. Reflect on your feelings and try to understand your emotions. Especially in stressful situations, you will act more calmly and level-headedly.

Self-confidence training: How does self-confidence develop?

According to our seminar, a self-confident and self-assured appearance can be learned at any stage of life and at any age. Nevertheless, the first foundations of persuasiveness are laid in early childhood. The more positive encouragement, support and praise received, the sooner personal qualities can be developed that we perceive as self-confident.

Regardless of childhood experiences, behavioural patterns can be trained that send self-confident signals in appearance. For this purpose, different professional scenarios of upcoming challenges, such as an important meeting, a presentation, speech or negotiation with a service provider, are acted out and possible courses of action are anticipated. Possible courses of action are run through for the different occasions so that a familiar framework is already in place during the actual conversation. The result is spontaneity, quick-wittedness and the competence to argue effectively and counter convincingly.

5 tips from self-confidence training

A confident appearance can be learned and trained in our self-confidence training. Start today with the following 5 tips from our coaching:

  1. Prepare well and familiarise yourself with the situation
  2. Maintain eye contact
  3. Use your body language and rhetoric
  4. Speak in a calm and understandable voice
  5. Take a clear position

Career opportunities thanks to personality development

With self-confidence training, you can train yourself to have a confident appearance. This not only makes your everyday professional and private life easier, but can also open doors for you. Because while specialised knowledge plays an increasingly subordinate role, soft skills such as certain characteristics or behavioural patterns are increasingly being pointed out as competence features, for example, in personnel selection or in the context of human resource performance management. For example, if you show high willingness to learn and commitment, you will directly attract positive attention from your (potential) employer here. In this seminar you will learn how to further develop your personality, especially to increase your self-confidence and follow your goal setting.

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