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Communication seminars: developing and consolidating important skills

Arguably one of the most important soft skills employers expect from their employees today is communication skills. Whether in HR, customer service, project management or accounting, improving your communication will not only enable you to have better career opportunities, but will help you to be more confident, satisfied and successful. Learn specific techniques that you can practise in the communication seminar and later apply in your everyday professional life and receive direct professional feedback on your current communication style and manner and individual opportunities for improvement. Decide for yourself which area of your communication you want to improve. Are you reserved and somewhat insecure? In the rhetoric seminar and presentation training you will learn to appear confident and come across authentically. Do you find conflict discussions difficult? With the conflict management seminar you will be able to manage confrontations effectively and in a relaxed manner in the future. Our communication trainings are designed to take away any insecurities you may have and to teach you skills that will be of great benefit to you both at work and in your private life.

What is a communication seminar?

Whether verbal or non-verbal - we communicate at all times. However, communication has to be learned! Because even if two people speak the same language, this does not necessarily mean that they understand each other. In addition to language, gestures and facial expressions also play a major role in communication. If you don't know how to use them correctly, you may not be able to convey what should be conveyed and will be misunderstood by the person you are talking to. But it is not only body language that should be practised. Listening, empathy, rhetoric, conversation, conflict resolution, negotiation strategies and so on are of enormous importance, especially in professional situations. How can you deliver a professional presentation while remaining authentic? As a leader, how can you criticise your team members while showing them appreciation? How can you convincingly put forward your point of view in discussions? In our communication trainings, you will learn targeted tactics to better deal with certain situations in terms of communication and to transform your current weaknesses into your future strengths.

Who benefits from a communication seminar?

Our communication seminars are basically aimed at those who want to improve their communication primarily for professional purposes. By choosing your communication training, you yourself determine your focus and which aspect of communication you want to train. In the corresponding descriptions of the communication seminars, we introduce you to the respective target group of the seminar. In principle, the communication trainings are suitable for all employees as well as specialists and managers.

Communication seminar: What advantages it brings

  • Gain awareness of the basics and difficulties in communication as well as its importance and relevance in everyday professional life.
  • Reflect on your own way of communicating and improve it guided by professional feedback.
  • With appropriate techniques and newly acquired skills, you will achieve your goals easily and effectively in the future.
  • Open doors for yourself with communication training and qualify yourself in the long term for possible changes of position or salary increases.
  • Contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere with good communication and benefit from a positive and trusting working environment.

5 skills you learn in communication seminars

  1. You gain more self-confidence and self-assurance and appear professional and convincing as a speaker.
  2. You will be able to better assess different discussion situations, apply appropriate discussion strategies and create a feel-good atmosphere in the discussion.
  3. You recognise potential for conflict and can avoid conflicts or manage them constructively.
  4. Make the most of your potential! You will come to terms with your own way of communicating and thus improve your social skills, which will enhance your career opportunities.
  5. You learn to understand and be understood better and thus reach your goals efficiently.

Communication seminar: Why successful communication is important in business

Communication skills are indispensable in many professions and companies. Especially in positions such as customer service, presentation and public speaking roles, or in human resource management, thoughtful conversation is a prerequisite for successful communication. But even regardless of the field of activity, poor communication can lead to problems within a company. In most cases, poor communication can be traced back to the relationship level and can therefore be solved easily and effectively through appropriate communication seminars. The problem is not the content that is communicated, but rather the way in which it is done.

Since the way of internal communication and the resulting working atmosphere is often reflected externally, an improvement of communication within any company is always beneficial. The participants of a communication seminar receive intensive training to improve and simplify both the togetherness and the work itself through cooperative discussions. A specific area of communication can be trained as needed by choosing the appropriate communication seminar.

In presence or online: Communication seminars

Most communication seminars take place in person at one of our 14 locations in Germany and Switzerland. On certain dates, you have the alternative of taking part in a webinar online.

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Our hygiene concept for your seminar participation

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Safety distance
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The rooms can be well ventilated.
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Hygiene standards at the venue
Hygiene standards at the venue
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Food & Drink
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