Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Targeted, individual and effective

Business Coaching: more success for specialists, executives & top management

Are you looking for a suitable coach who understands your professional issues and concerns, provides guidance and can help you to help yourself?

We help you identify the most suitable business coach for you from our comprehensive pool.

What is Business Coaching at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy?

Business coaching by the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy is individual coaching for specialists, executives, project managers and managers, which aims to initiate and accompany change processes in the professional environment by improving skills such as self-reflection, self-awareness and self-management. This process-oriented method makes it possible to build up personal resources and strengths, acquire special competences and release new potential. Furthermore, in an individual exchange with their coach, specialists and managers gain orientation in changes, strengthen their personal skills and improve their view of themselves and their future. A business coach can also provide support in difficult decisions and conflict situations and point out possible problem-solving strategies.

Put simply, business coaching is a process of time-limited accompaniment and individual support to stimulate personal development.

Business coaching: for whom it is suitable

Business coaching is basically suitable for anyone who perceives a need for optimisation with regard to their skills, competences and resources and is open to change. It is also advisable to consult a coach in order to gain different perspectives, to improve self-management or to make progress with special concerns. In addition, it is often helpful to have a business coach as an objective third party who looks at the situation, analyses it and then finds and points out sensible possible solutions. Through exchange, the right impulses and targeted questioning techniques as well as other coaching methods, your self-reflection can be triggered. In this way, processes of change are initiated and a far-reaching change of perspective is made possible for you.

Of course, the willingness to work on yourself is also crucial.

Concerns and situations in which a business coach can provide support

Our coaches support you in many professional situations. The following important topics are among them:

  • Building and developing leadership skills
  • Accompanying decisions and implementing changes
  • Solution-oriented approaches in conflict situations
  • Improving stress management
  • Analysing potential and strengths
  • Definition of goals and target agreements
  • Support in self- and time management
  • Orientation and clarity in difficult situations
  • Professional development in specific areas
  • Promotion of team building and team development
  • Motivation and satisfaction
  • Burnout prevention

What do I get out of business coaching?

Our coaching aims to promote and support you in the best possible way so that you can fulfil your professional role and implement tasks effectively. Furthermore, you should recognise your strengths and potentials and use them to be sustainably successful and find your job fulfilling.

However, clients can also be companies that want to invest in the targeted further training of their own employees. For them, it means maintaining and increasing the performance, work motivation and loyalty of the specialist or manager. Both companies and employees can benefit in equal measure.

This is how business coaching works

In the first step, you select the coaching offer that is suitable for you and the initial amount of time required in the digital enquiry process. On the following enquiry page, let us know what topics you are concerned with and what you expect from your coach. In addition, you can provide further details, such as your preferred coaching language or whether coaching should take place on-site or via software. If you would like to book several coaching sessions, you are welcome to use the text field on the enquiry page.

In order to achieve the personal goals in business coaching, it is essential that the chemistry between coach and coachee is right, because success stands and falls with it. Once we have received your enquiry, we match your requirements, wishes and goals with our business coach pool in order to provide you with competent coach profiles to choose from. Following the selection of the preferred coach, an individual scheduling of the measure takes place.

If required and according to the client's wishes, diagnostic online assessments for personality analysis can also be used.

Select the coaching package that is right for you and the amount of time you need

Coaching package for professionals & specialists
Coaching for professionals
570,00 678,30
3 10

The suitable coaching package for employees with expert know-how without management responsibility.

Coaching package for managers
Coaching for managers
690,00 821,10
3 10

With this package you make the right choice if you are a team, division or department manager.

Coaching package for top management
Coaching for top management
810,00 963,90
3 10

With this coaching package, top managers and CEOs find sparring partners at eye level.

What topics can you bring to a business coaching session?

Business coaching is a very individual instrument of human resource development. It may therefore be that you are already facing a specific problem or professional challenge and need support in overcoming it. At the same time, business coaching can also be used in a forward-looking way to become aware of your resources and strengths and to improve your view of the future.

To give you a first orientation, we have listed some topics for you that come up frequently:

  • To better manage my task load, it would be beneficial if I could delegate better.

  • I am unsure of my leadership role and would like to be more confident.

  • I do not have enough energy reserves for my activities; I should work on my self and time management.

  • I would like to improve my professional relationships and increase my empathy skills.

  • I am unsure of my stance on certain points of view and need independent feedback from an expert.

  • I lack the necessary tact in conflict situations. How can I react more calmly?

  • I want to achieve my goals, enable myself to perform at my best and inspire my superior.

Business Coaching: our advantages

  • Individual coaching process: You determine the topics, time frame and other criteria.
  • Coaching location: You choose whether coaching is to take place virtually, in presence or in combination
  • 100% implementation guarantee
  • High quality through top trained coaches
  • Regular feedback & professional exchange of experiences
  • Transparency of costs

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the coaching packages offered?

The packages offered differ in terms of the leadership level at which coaching takes place. All our coaches also bring their own experience at the level at which they coach. Therefore, coaches who coach at the top management level are more expensive than coaches at the executive level.

Can I talk to the coach in a preliminary meeting before I decide?

Yes, definitely. We are convinced that the success of a business coaching depends on the chemistry between you and your coach, so you are welcome to get an impression of your coach in a preliminary meeting.

What qualifications do the coaches have?

All our coaches have completed appropriate coaching training. Furthermore, our experts only coach at the management level at which they have experience, because in order for you to achieve your personal goals, coaching should take place at eye level.

How long does the cooperation last?

You decide how long the cooperation lasts. No matter whether it should be a single, longer session or several coaching sessions at intervals - you can decide how long the cooperation should last.

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