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Customer Service Seminar

Improve customer service
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Description: Customer Service Seminar

In the context of a company's customer care, opportunities to better understand the customer can arise in addition to more difficult telephone calls. In addition to complaints, it is also important to identify a possible need and to give customer-oriented feedback. Our customer service seminar covers important areas of responsibility and trains your employees in rhetoric and conversation techniques so that even difficult customer conversations can be conducted in a positive atmosphere.

Contents: Customer Service Seminar

Basics in dealing with customers and clients

  • Basic knowledge in sales
  • Corporate philosophy Customer orientation
  • Dealing with regular customers, greeting and principles
  • Complaint management in customer service

Customer service and personal success techniques

  • Recognising customer types and responding to service requests
  • Fulfilling customer wishes on the way to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and discussing objections
  • Goals, self-motivation and maximising performance

Phases of customer-oriented sales talks

  • Conversation techniques in the contact phase of telephone calls
  • Rhetoric in conversation situations
  • Levels of communication in customer contact
  • Complaints and reclamations
  • Needs analysis, determination of causes and benefit argumentation for difficult problem solutions in telephone calls

Recognising customer wishes and living customer care

  • Questioning techniques in customer conversations and communicating in a way that is appropriate for the recipient
  • Taking charge of conversations thanks to well-founded telephone training
  • Recognising interests through customer contact, overcoming objections and analysing problems
  • Customer orientation as a formula for success

Active listening as a sign of customer-oriented selling

  • Ensuring balance in conversation situations, packaging information appropriately for the recipient and adapting it to customer types
  • Checking and giving feedback on services and service requests
  • Following up on complaints

Your benefit: Customer Service Seminar

Customer orientation in sales and the ability to recognise customer types and customer problems as quickly as possible increase the chances of closing a deal. Our interactive, 1-day compact training offers essential seminar content for sales staff.

  • The training teaches the importance of communication and conversational climate in customer contact and with regular customers, complaint management and complaints.
  • In addition, the compact training highlights various seminar contents on questioning techniques and competent needs and problem analysis in order to further improve one's own services and to effectively tackle possible problem scenarios through case work.
  • The use of telephone training, various questioning techniques and methods for conducting conversations can help to maintain the service orientation of your company and to solve customer problems and complaints competently.

Methodology and didactics: Customer Service Seminar

In addition to extensive knowledge in customer service, for example in the areas of telephone training, conversation management and benefit argumentation, numerous practical exercises are carried out to deepen the knowledge. In clearing, open questions in the seminar group as well as seminar contents can be taken up in depth.

Target group of the customer service seminar

Our 1-day training course is ideal for employees in customer service. The telephone seminar helps to internalise various skills in terms of conversation management and to reduce uncertainties and mistakes with case work. In the end, customer service affects everyone, so the compact training can be used not only in telephone training, but also in complaint management and other call situations to identify causes. With our telephone seminar, service orientation becomes the flagship of your company.

Seminar dates & locations

29.08.2022 - 30.08.2022
1.090,00 EUR
26.09.2022 - 27.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
17.11.2022 - 18.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR
15.12.2022 - 16.12.2022
1.090,00 EUR

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Request customer service seminar as in-house training

No open time slot to hold a training course for several customer service employees at the same time externally? We are also happy to come to you and are able to hold our classroom training in-house within a defined seminar group. In-house seminars offer the possibility of linking directly to internal problem solving. If you are interested, please contact us:

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Why customer satisfaction is so important

Service orientation and satisfaction not only make a considerable contribution to customer loyalty. They also increase purchase intentions and help you stand out from competitors. Satisfied customers stay loyal to your business, increase sales and reduce negative word of mouth.

6 tips for starting a positive customer conversation from the Customer Service Seminar

  1. Create a positive atmosphere for discussion
  2. Meet your counterpart at eye level when conducting the conversation
  3. Show mutual interest
  4. Strike the right tone and stay true to your principles
  5. Use customer information to your advantage
  6. Positive conversations lay the foundation for your success, but require a certain amount of follow-up work

Success with the customer service seminar

An interactive training or a customer service seminar as a compact training takes only little time and can increase satisfaction already with the right greeting. A telephone seminar offers the chance to solve customer problems efficiently so that customer orientation becomes a trademark. Telephone training can ensure a good connection to the customer.

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