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Development programmes

Tailor-made and efficient programmes for your human resources development

Development programmes: 100 % individual personnel development

The constant transformation of the working world, digitalisation and increasingly complex requirements make it necessary for employees to continuously expand their skills and adapt them accordingly. Whether as onboarding for new employees or as further training for employees who have been working in your company for a longer period of time - development programmes are an ideal way to expand knowledge and acquire skills that not only move employees forward, but also companies.

Do you want to train your managers, project managers, sales people, buyers or trainers? Depending on their interests and training needs, the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy's range of continuing education courses can be used to put together an individual training programme for each employee, tailored to their job description in a modular fashion.

Goals of development programmes

The basic aim of development programmes is to qualify your employees comprehensively in a subject area and thus for a position. At the same time, employers can use employee qualifications to achieve company goals cost-effectively and effectively.

The Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy offers individual development programmes on various topics and for different target groups. Whether you need basic knowledge or advanced technical and management knowledge, we will be happy to advise you on putting together personal qualification programmes for your employees.

Why employee development programmes are important

Motivation & satisfaction: Self-development is an important concern for many employees. If the employer responds to the needs of its employees and enables them to broaden their horizons and develop their own potential, they feel valued, have a positive attitude towards the employer and enjoy working.

Career opportunities: New key qualifications open doors for employees. Whether it's promotion opportunities within the company or for a new job - expanded professional know-how and soft skills increase the chances of more responsible tasks, a promotion or even the dream job.

Job security: As work situations change due to both internal and external influences, the demands on workers also change. Regular training allows employees to adapt and always meet all requirements.

Productivity & quality: With training, employees have the opportunity to address deficits and improve their work results. With new professional know-how and additional soft skills, they become more confident on the job and can achieve their own or employer-set goals more easily and efficiently.

Development programmes: Benefits for the employer

Staff development measures not only serve the personal development of employees, but also bring several advantages for you as an employer.

Cost savings: Even though training courses initially involve costs, they quickly pay for themselves. The additional qualification of employees enables companies to forego the cost-intensive hiring of new staff and instead draw on existing human capital.

Image: Companies that advertise the promotion of human resource development and ultimately deliver on their promise are increasingly favoured by job applicants.

Employee retention: You want your employees to stay with you as long as possible? With the opportunity for personal development, you support your employees on their career path and show them appreciation. Your staff will not feel compelled to seek a career change outside your company if they can get it with you.

Gaining know-how: Update the level of knowledge in the company and let it flow directly into the work. If your employees have new skills, new tasks can be mastered well and competences can be passed on within a company.

Competitiveness & success: Only well-trained staff can productively and efficiently achieve good results and make and keep a company competitive. With entire training programmes, your employees are always up to date and can keep up with or even surpass the competition.

What are the options?

While individual seminars are designed to cover a targeted topic area, our qualification programmes consist of several, modular seminars of different competence areas. You choose which occupational group you belong to and attend four two-day seminars with corresponding learning content. Some of these are compulsory modules, supplemented by three optional modules. Some programmes offer you complete flexibility and you can choose entirely from predefined seminars. Optionally, you can supplement the programme with individual coaching, e-learning or webinars.

The basis for successful development programmes

Development programmes only fulfil their purpose if they bring added value for employees and the company alike. Therefore, a prior discussion between employer and employee is indispensable. Together you determine the training or qualification needs. Do your employees need a certain qualification to start a job or to be able or even allowed to do a job? Are there deficits that should be remedied or training measures that can make the job easier for your employees? Agree on a programme that covers the wishes and needs of both parties and is tailor-made to fit each employee individually.

Even if specialists and managers have the necessary know-how and didactic skills for knowledge transfer, in practice there is a lack of time for extensive training. External development programmes relieve you of the time-consuming task of preparing training content and training materials, developing didactic methods and finally conducting the training.

Are you looking for a tailor-made qualification programme?

Would you like to put together qualification programmes from our portfolio of seminar topics that are individually and tailor-made for every single employee in your company? You would like to supplement these optionally with individual coaching, e-learning or webinars? None of this is a problem! Feel free to contact us for an individual conception!

Get in touch - we look forward to your enquiry!

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