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Purchasing seminars: how to increase your company's profit

Purchasing is a central component of the company's activities, since it is not only goods or services that are procured, but it is already here that the greatest savings opportunities exist for a company. Reducing costs and thereby increasing profits are nevertheless not the only tasks of the purchasing department. In order to gain a competitive advantage right at the beginning of the value chain, employees in the purchasing department have to consider various influencing factors in order to prevent possible risks and to take advantage of opportunities. Constantly growing competition, advancing globalisation, pandemics and the like require a comprehensive examination of product developments, key figures, quality controls, supplier comparisons and the maintenance of business relationships. In addition to solid specialist knowledge and good negotiating skills, as an employee in purchasing you should therefore have other skills such as sovereignty as well as conflict resolution and argumentation skills.

Seminars for purchasing

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Why a seminar on purchasing?

In our purchasing seminars you will acquire all the necessary expertise and skills you need to be a successful buyer. Whether you want to get to know the entire field of activity in one training session or refresh or expand your existing knowledge - we have the right seminar for you. Would you like to hone your negotiation techniques and improve your argumentation and discussion skills? Would you like to improve your conflict management? Would you like to appear more self-confident and confident or plan your work better? Choose for yourself which of the purchasing seminars is best suited to you and contribute to lucrative purchasing in the long term.

3 Advantages of the seminars Purchasing

  1. You will learn the basics and activities of the employment field of purchasing and are thus up to date.
  2. You will acquire soft skills that will make your work in purchasing easier and quickly translate into business success.
  3. You will learn methods and techniques with which you can manage and master purchasing in a targeted manner.

Your individual learning journey as a buyer

Purchasing seminars: who benefits

Our purchasing seminars are generally aimed at both experienced and inexperienced employees in purchasing as well as other professional groups who work with purchasers or simply want to expand their knowledge of them. You can find out which target group your desired training specifically addresses in the respective descriptions of the purchasing seminars.

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