Argumentation Seminar Munich

Argumentation Seminar Munich

Seminar fee
1.090,00 EUR
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Argumentation seminar in Munich with high practical relevance

The ability to win over your counterpart in decisive discussion situations in everyday working life with targeted argumentation, quick-wittedness and assertiveness is immensely important, especially for managers. But how do you represent your point of view unerringly, enter discussions confidently and at the same time maintain a high degree of empathy? The Argumentation Seminar in Munich at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy will answer these and many other questions regarding a communicative discussion strategy. If you would like to strengthen your professional competence, skilfully refute objections and argue in a factually well-founded manner, then our further training is just the right thing for you.

In a motivating learning environment you will receive comprehensive, theoretical knowledge and consolidate what you have learned directly with communication exercises, role plays and video analyses. We give you numerous suggestions for implementation and ensure your added value with a wide variety of methods. In addition, at the end of the seminar you will receive comprehensive seminar materials that guarantee you continuous professional development. Sounds like good arguments for booking an argumentation seminar in Munich.

Vorteile eines Seminars der Dr. G. Kitzmann Akademie

If you decide on an argumentation seminar in Munich, you will learn how to use targeted discussion strategies, use your body language and recognise the interests of your discussion partner through active listening. This provides you with the basis to get everyone on board in discussion situations and still remain true to your position. After the Argumentation Seminar in Munich, you will be able to skilfully lead two-way conversations or take part in discussions and present your arguments in a comprehensible and objective manner.

In our Argumentation Seminar in Munich, we have deliberately chosen a small number of participants with a maximum of eight people. This leaves enough room for exercises, exchange of experiences and self-reflection.

Dates for the Argumentation Seminar Munich

05.12.2022 - 06.12.2022
1.090,00 EUR
02.02.2023 - 03.02.2023
1.090,00 EUR
15.06.2023 - 16.06.2023
1.090,00 EUR

Further event dates and locations available

We run this event in various cities and on numerous dates throughout the year. Choose your preferred date from our full schedule to attend the Argumentation Seminar in a city near you.

Argumentation Seminar Munich: What are the focal points?

In two entertaining training days, our renowned lecturers will teach you how to organise your arguments consistently, choose the right argumentation strategy and maintain the balance between empathy and assertiveness. You will be able to recognise the motivations and feelings of your interlocutor, show empathy and at the same time stick to your values. You know how to react easily to conversations that do not take place on a factual level.

As a specialist and manager, increase your presence and sovereignty with an argumentation seminar in Munich and gain a high degree of quick-wittedness.

The contents at a glance:

  • Know the basics of argumentation
  • Successful argumentation
  • Using strategies in a targeted way
  • Emotional aspects of argumentation

We recommend an argumentation seminar in Munich for every professional group, because wherever people come together, there are discussions in which you have to argue well.

Why you benefit from an Argumentation Seminar Munich

An argumentation seminar in Munich will not only help you professionally, but also personally. The great wealth of knowledge can be used in a targeted way in every situation and profitably promote your communication. We create the perfect conditions so that you get everything out of our event. The seminar takes place in a centrally located business centre. Alternatively, we will look for an equally fully equipped event hotel. 14 days before the start of the course you will receive all important information from us via email. We will be there to answer any questions you may have. Your physical well-being will also be taken care of.

As a special advantage, we promise you a 100% implementation guarantee and offer you a high degree of flexibility. You have the option to rebook, send another person or cancel at any time. Excellent arguments for your immediate booking without risk.

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