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Description: Seminar on Conversational Leadership

Communication is both a fundamental and difficult area in interpersonal relationships. One of the most common causes of failed communication is due to a lack of time. This results in misunderstandings that can quickly develop into conflicts. In addition, inadequate communication can convey messages that may not be meant at all. Our seminar on communication helps to identify weaknesses and strengthen communication skills in order to achieve the goals set for the discussion.

Contents: Seminar Conversation Management

Basics of communication

  • Levels and possibilities of communication
  • Language and effect based on a communication model
  • Elements of applied body language (gestures)

Conversations on the telephone

  • Personal business card on the phone
  • Telephone rules: An overview
  • Dealing with difficult conversation situations

Service management and personal development

  • Customer orientation and personal attitude
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Customer expectations

Strengthening internal relationships

  • Gaining sympathy points
  • Trust and relationship level
  • Priorities towards the customer

Conversation management in practice

  • Exercises on conversation management methods
  • Important aspects of presentations
  • Using conversation techniques

Your benefit: Seminar Conversational Leadership

The Conversation Management seminar helps you to better understand the complex interrelationships of interpersonal communication. We give you approaches to solutions on the way, how you can positively influence the course of a conversation.

  • In our seminar on conversational skills, you will learn which factors are important for successful communication and how they can be influenced.
  • Convince your recipients in your next presentation with communicative and rhetorical know-how.
  • With our seminar on conducting conversations, you will develop a feeling for how to successfully master conversation situations on the telephone and learn more about the design of your personal business card.
  • The seminar establishes a connection between professional conversation management and customer contact, so that you can optimise your service management in the long term.
  • In addition, you will develop competences in relation to internal relations with our seminar on conducting conversations in order to avoid conflicts and improve the working atmosphere.

Methodology and Didactics: Seminar on Conversational Leadership

The seminar content is structured in such a way that, in addition to important basics and knowledge of communication, a practice-oriented reference is also created. This is achieved through cooperative exercises and practical role plays. The seminar participants benefit from constructive feedback and exchange of experience among themselves. This gives participants the chance to deepen their theoretical knowledge and reflect on their own communication skills.

Target group of the seminar Conversation

The seminar Conversational Leadership is aimed at all those who want to further deepen or expand their conversational skills, such as managers, employees at all levels, but especially service staff. With our seminar, you can take a look behind the scenes of successful conversation management.

Seminar dates & locations

03.11.2022 - 04.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR
24.11.2022 - 25.11.2022
Online training
1.090,00 EUR
05.12.2022 - 06.12.2022
1.090,00 EUR

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Achieving goals with effective conversation management

According to the motto: communication is the basis of success, effective management of discussions can help to achieve set goals. Strategic and proven methods contribute significantly to success. A positive side effect is that interpersonal relationships are strengthened and positively influenced. But what do you need to bear in mind?

1. put yourself in the role of your conversation partner

If you want to have a conversation, it is very important to analyse your conversation partner. For example, ask yourself the following question: What level of knowledge does my counterpart have? After all, you cannot assume that the person you are talking to knows everything you know.

2. score with neutrality

In everyday professional life, it is often best to be neutral towards your recipient. Subjectivity and your inner attitude usually have no place in a business environment, even though this is usually easier said than done. Sometimes it can help to focus on the target on the way to the target. 3.

3. stick to manners

Politeness and manners are of course also part of the repertoire of successful conversation. Let the person you are talking to finish what he or she has to say, don't just listen but also listen (active listening) and always maintain eye contact.

Of course, these are only a few pointers for successful and effective conversation. You can find out more in a professional seminar on conducting conversations.

Successful with the Conversation Management Seminar

The seminar Conversational Leadership not only prepares you as a manager or employee alike for important conversations in everyday professional life, but also helps you to overcome rhetorical hurdles - no matter whether they are of a business or private nature.

To do this, it is first and foremost important to understand and internalise the basics of communication from a scientific perspective. Renowned communication models, such as those of Schulz von Thun, which look at communication on different levels, are used.

In addition, the seminar is dedicated to the various influencing factors of effective communication and shows you how to successfully confront your addressee in person or on the phone without losing your composure.

In addition, a considerable part of the seminar is dedicated to customer orientation and the internal level - because it is also important to communicate correctly here. This link creates the basis for success.

The importance of voice and posture

Who do you prefer to listen to: a person with a hunched posture and a quiet, monotone voice or a person with an upright posture and a carrying voice? You probably know this yourself from your own environment. Posture and voice are largely responsible for how much attention your counterpart pays to you and how your statements are perceived. With the right training, you can create the ideal basic conditions for giving even more expression to the techniques of conversational competence:

  • Body language: Give expression to your statements by thinking outside the box. For example, introduce yourself in a classy outfit - this gives you self-confidence and ensures a more present overall appearance. Your own posture is also important for telephone conversations!
  • Voice: Take notes before important conversations and practise how you use your voice. Pay attention to the intonation of important words, your voice pitch and volume.
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