Rhetoric Seminar Stuttgart

Rhetoric Seminar Stuttgart

Seminar fee
1.090,00 EUR
(plus VAT)
Available as a webinar!

What can participants expect at a rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart?

Today, Stuttgart is one of the fastest growing business locations in the whole of Europe and is characterised by a high diversity of industries. Small and medium-sized companies have settled here just as much as global players and show their strengths in the fields of technology, automotive and mechanical engineering, creative industries and the IT sector. Despite the different sectors, one thing remains the same: the requirements for economic success are immense today, and so it is not only a high level of technical expertise that counts for specialists and managers, but also the right communication.

With a rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart, you will learn techniques that make a decisive difference in everyday work, increase your power of persuasion, strengthen your repartee and improve your conversational skills. After your communication training, master presentations without any problems and impress your audience with exciting and interactive presentations.

Rhetoric Seminar Stuttgart: For whom is this seminar suitable?

Our rhetoric seminars in Stuttgart are aimed at professionals and managers who want to improve their rhetorical skills, remain more confident in conversations with interlocutors and make a presentation as a speaker exciting for the audience. Within the rhetoric courses, the qualified lecturers of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy teach the basic principles of the art of speaking and improve your self-confidence with repartee training. The theoretical content is supplemented with practical exercises.

After a rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart, you will have various stylistic means at hand that the rhetoric trainer will give you and will thus be able to convince in everyday professional life. You will appear confident as a speaker and present content in a comprehensible, logical and interesting way. With the equally improved body language, you will ensure an authentic appearance.

Seminar dates & locations

06.10.2022 - 07.10.2022
1.090,00 EUR
24.11.2022 - 25.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR
13.03.2023 - 14.03.2023
1.090,00 EUR
17.07.2023 - 18.07.2023
1.090,00 EUR

Further event dates and locations available

We run this event in various cities and on numerous dates throughout the year. Choose your preferred date from our complete list of dates to attend the public speaking seminar in a city near you.

Why attend a rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart?

We often have inhibitions about giving lectures, going into important conversations or speaking openly with employees. It is not uncommon for our weaknesses in communication to come to light. In a rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart you will gain the strength for successful communication in all areas of life and remain much more relaxed in everyday business life. A rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart will help you to

  • Presentations
  • negotiations
  • motivating speeches
  • speeches
  • meetings
  • appearances

with confidence. The rhetoric seminar takes place on two course days as a face-to-face event and is designed for a maximum of eight participants. The small groups make it possible for you to get the most out of the course and we can specifically address your challenges. In addition to comprehensive training materials, you will receive full culinary catering for lunch and the breaks.

Take advantage of a rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy

In addition to our wide range of courses, we also offer comprehensive services that give you more flexibility. We hold our rhetoric seminars in Stuttgart in a well-equipped business centre or a comparable event location that is centrally located and has good infrastructure connections. You will receive all the necessary information by e-mail 14 days before the course begins. In addition, you can rely on us to guarantee that the course will take place and you can cancel, rebook or send another participant at any time free of charge.

Organise a rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart Inhouse

We are happy to support you with an in-house rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart directly on your premises. Here we have the opportunity to jointly design the content according to your requirements and ideas and to determine the time frame. We have the necessary competence to hold the event in different languages. Furthermore, you can also make use of our other training offers in the entire DACH and BENELUX region. We offer coaching, workshops and webinars.

Send us your individual enquiry and we will send you an offer for a rhetoric seminar in Stuttgart that is geared to your goals. Write to us at kontakt@drgkitzmann-akademie.de.

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