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Leadership seminar: How to lead your team competently and profitably

Good leadership in a company not only has an impact on employee motivation and satisfaction, but consequently also on the success of the company. However, leadership is not always the same and certainly not always good leadership. Depending on the company and position, your responsibility and authority as a leader may vary. Our leadership seminars are aimed at different target groups and deal with correspondingly different aspects. The focus is on acquiring or improving your leadership skills and your day-to-day leadership. Develop your leadership personality in a leadership seminar and lead your team with professional competence, situational leadership behaviour and flexibility safely and confidently through times of change.

The basics of leadership - professional competence is not the same as leadership competence

Leadership is defined differently depending on the context. According to Lutz von Rosenstiel, professor of organisational and business psychology, "leadership (...) is the direct, intentional and goal-oriented exertion of influence by holders of superior positions on subordinates with the help of the means of communication."[1] Leadership therefore fundamentally means influencing one's own behaviour, that of the employees and consequently that of the entire organisation in such a way that certain goals can be achieved. Professional competence alone is therefore not sufficient to successfully lead a team, a department or even a whole company.

[1] Rosenstiel, L.: https://www.fritz.tips/was-ist-fuehrung-nach-rosenstiel/ - accessed on 01.10.2021

What is a leadership seminar?

Our leadership seminars are designed to provide you with leadership skills for your future or current job. Depending on the seminar, you will receive and develop theoretical background knowledge on your respective leadership situation, acquire the necessary soft skills and be prepared for possible challenges and situations in your everyday leadership with various tactics and instruments in a practical way. How can you appear confident as a leading professional? How do you earn the recognition of your employees and how can you motivate them? In our leadership seminars, we optimally prepare you for new challenges or deepen your existing skills.

Why is a leadership seminar so important for you?

The success of a team or even an entire company stands or falls with the success of a manager. The result depends first and foremost on one's own leadership behaviour and employee management. A leadership position is accompanied by a role model function, which in turn has an impact on the job satisfaction of your team. If your staff are satisfied, you can expect a higher work performance, which makes the team and, consequently, your task as a supervisor successful. In addition, this will help you retain your staff and the company.

10 qualities that make a good leader

  1. Professional competence: To be accepted and respected by your team as a supervisor, you must have the necessary professional knowledge and experience.
  2. Communication skills: Good communication is important. Be transparent and ensure a regular exchange of information between your team and yourself.
  3. Sense of responsibility: Be aware of your duties and give direction to your team with your decisions. Be reliable.
  4. Conflictmanagement: Conflicts are also part of everyday work. Manage them successfully by being honest, fair and patient.
  5. Teamwork: Your task as a senior professional is to promote the cooperation of your team.
  6. Emotional intelligence: Awareness of your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as empathy and credibility are essential for fair and individual staff management. Always argue factually and do not exploit your position of power.
  7. Passion: In a leadership position you have a role model function. Your attitude towards work is reflected in the morale of your team in the long run.
  8. Motivational ability: Only motivated staff work well and with pleasure.
  9. Constructiveness: Criticism is important, but it should be constructive in order to actually bring about improvements and maintain staff satisfaction.
  10. Delegation competence: Even if you can do everything, you will not have the time to do everything alone. Trust in your employees and delegate tasks.

3 Advantages of leadership seminars for your everyday leadership life

  • Identify shortcomings in your leadership style and learn how to counteract them with appropriate soft skills and tactics.
  • Learn how to gain respect and trust from your employees.
  • Practise how to lead your team in a motivating and thus successful and profitable way and how to treat your employees with appreciation.

Leadership seminar: Which seminar is right for me?

Our leadership seminars are practice-oriented and aimed at different target groups. Whether you are an incumbent or an experienced manager with or without authority to issue directives - our selection of leadership seminars will meet you in your respective situation.

Seminar from colleague to superior: Aspiring managers with a certain degree of responsibility learn to assert themselves in their new leadership role.

Leading without a superior: Team leaders, project managers, product managers without formal authority learn to lead with acceptance and competence.

Leadershipseminar: Experienced managers who want to rethink their current leadership style and wish to make changes in their current day-to-day leadership.

Staff appraisal seminar: Personnel managers or employees with personnel responsibility who want to integrate discussions with their employees as a management tool.

Our leadership seminars take place on site in 14 cities. Depending on the date, webinars are also available for participation from home. Are you an employer who would like to run an in-house leadership seminar for your employees? Feel free to contact us at kontakt@drgkitzmann-akademie.de.

Ensure the learning transfer of your seminar visit afterwards with our e-learnings

Leadership seminar: With these methods you will improve your leadership style and develop your leadership personality

The methods used to impart knowledge in the individual leadership seminars vary in part. Basically, all our leadership seminars have a strong practical orientation. In individual and group work, you will develop theories and instruments either independently or in a team, which you will put into practice in interactive exercises with concrete case studies. Depending on the seminar, role plays and video recordings and analyses will be added. You will always receive feedback from your seminar leader and in discussion rounds you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the other course participants. Do you have questions about specific situations you have experienced on the job? You can bring individual case studies to the seminar at any time. After the seminar, you will receive documents in which you can refresh your knowledge even after the end of the leadership seminar.

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