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Selling with personality

With authenticity to success
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Description: Seminar Selling with Personality

You work in sales or distribution and would like to not only increase your sales success, but also learn aspects of self-leadership, develop a feeling for an authentic attitude and sell with personality? As a manager or sales manager, you are also a role model for your employees? Mental sales strategies will give you the expertise to correctly assess your customers so that you can confidently deal with even difficult objections in sales talks. Our seminar contents enable you to show more empathy towards your target group and to awaken demand in sales talks as an understanding of human nature.

Contents: Seminar Selling with Personality

Getting into conversation

  • Tips for the right greeting
  • Bringing conversations or small talk to eye level
  • Establishing a convincing conversational level

Assessing and understanding your conversation partner

  • Practising active listening
  • Developing a sense of your own intention
  • Recognising the individual needs of customers and inspiring them with solutions

Formulating correctly

  • Using communication and questioning techniques correctly
  • Formulating negative aspects positively and transforming adversities into opportunities
  • Optimally packaging messages in sales talks

Positive thought patterns and messages

  • Act authentically and remain optimistic
  • Practising body language and posture in customer talks
  • Seeing objections as opportunities

Be convincing with empathy and expertise

  • Practising voice training and sales talks: suitable case studies on communication techniques and emotion management
  • Developing a feeling for closing techniques and formulations
  • Increase stamina thanks to self-motivation, emotion management and goals

Your benefit: Seminar Selling with Personality

Our seminar content aims at successful, convincing sales talks that offer the potential customer not only the product but a concrete added value. Not all managers are people-understanders and sell with personality. Adaptability and self-leadership reduce objections in the customer conversation and pave the way to a successful sales conclusion. The seminar contents on the topic of selling with personality promote your skills in emotion management and train your adaptability under the aspect of self-leadership.

  • In our seminar Selling with Personality, correct behaviour in customer talks is trained so that you develop a feeling for empathy and attitude and can confidently assess your target group as a person who understands people.
  • In addition, our seminar contents deal with communication techniques and the professional competence to better reach customers in sales talks with emotionality, personality and self-leadership. Increase your sales success as an optimist and face all adversities with a large portion of self-confidence.
  • In addition, learn to stand by your principles even in difficult conversations and to build up a basis of trust in the customer conversation. In this way, the human aspect comes to the fore and you will be able to lead even difficult sales talks to the desired success. The ability to lead yourself allows you to react adaptably to any discussion situation.
  • In our seminar Selling with Personality, your stamina is trained to defy all adversities. Self-motivation is an essential skill for managers and sales managers to achieve set goals.
  • Using case studies and exchanging experiences with like-minded people, you will deepen the theoretical content on how to successfully close a sale.

Methodology and Didactics: Seminar Selling with Personality

The seminar content on the topic of selling with personality is taught on relevant topics over two days. Your professional competences will be broadly expanded in the process. The lectures are internalised through group exercises and enable you to exchange experiences with other managers or sales managers. You will practise sales talks, learn to establish a connection with the counterpart and also receive valuable feedback. Case studies illustrate what you have learned and give you a different perspective on your target group. Become a people-understanding person and apply your newly acquired knowledge in emotion management to close the sale.

Target group of the seminar Selling with Personality

Our training is primarily aimed at the sales management or executives of a company who would like to increase the number of sales successes and the ability to apply communication techniques. The training also offers the opportunity to illuminate all aspects of the topic through case studies and a lively exchange of experiences. The target group also includes employees in sales and distribution who want to develop a feeling for personal selling and expand their own professional competence.

Seminar dates & locations

20.04.2023 - 21.04.2023
1.190,00 EUR
11.05.2023 - 12.05.2023
Online training
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29.06.2023 - 30.06.2023
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17.07.2023 - 18.07.2023
Online training
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31.08.2023 - 01.09.2023
1.190,00 EUR
18.09.2023 - 19.09.2023
Online training
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09.10.2023 - 10.10.2023
1.190,00 EUR
27.11.2023 - 28.11.2023
1.190,00 EUR
14.12.2023 - 15.12.2023
Online training
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Seminar "Selling with personality" as an in-house seminar

You would like to hold the "Selling with Personality" seminar in your company as an in-house seminar? That is of course possible. We will be happy to provide you with an individual and non-binding offer that corresponds to your approach to content, your time frame and other wishes. Simply send us an enquiry to:

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Characteristics of a personality

The concept of personality can be interpreted in many directions. Personality remains dynamic throughout life and is constantly evolving. In personality psychology, there are five personality traits that are broadly defined in varying degrees of expression. The traits include:

  • Emotional stability: the ability to manage one's own emotions.
  • Extraversion: Social contact is enjoyed, often perceived as active and talkative.
  • Openness: The willingness to try new experiences.
  • Agreeableness: The need for social harmony.
  • Conscientiousness: A selfless way of thinking and acting, often modest and good-natured.

Why you should sell with personality

Rhetoric and expertise alone are not necessarily enough to close a sale. Rather, aspects such as communication technique, adaptability and the skilful rebuttal of objections are involved in closing the sale. The ability to believe in yourself and to face your customer with self-confidence and optimism usually ensures increasing sales success. If you, as a sales manager or sales employee, are able to look back on your previous sales successes with gratitude and pride, you will be better able to convince your target group. As a people-understanding person, you can turn objections into solutions and use your skills in communication techniques to close sales more quickly.

The cycle of selling

The path to a successful sale is based on your adaptability to respond to the potential customer on several levels.

  1. Perceive the customer and his or her wishes. This includes the ability to interpret their mood and feelings.
  2. Accept what you perceive so that you can respond appropriately.
  3. Then build a relationship with the other person so that a basis of trust is established.
  4. Move on to conducting the conversation and respond to reactions in a tailored way so that you can close the sale.
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