Leadership Seminar Berlin

Leadership Seminar Berlin

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1.090,00 EUR
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Leadership seminar in Berlin: further training in the capital city

Employee management in companies is becoming increasingly complex. Many managers face great challenges in their everyday leadership. Leadership practice has changed again and again over time. Leadership tasks are added, leadership instruments and tools are overhauled and employees make new demands. Contemporary working models such as home office or working with agile teams place high demands on leadership skills and often require new leadership behaviour.

Are you asking yourself how you can properly lead, motivate and inspire your employees in today's world? Which methods can be used for this? How do you deal with areas of conflict and solve conflict situations correctly? In our leadership seminar in Berlin you will get the answers. The special training offers you as a manager the opportunity to find or optimise your leadership role in relation to your employees, to develop a leadership style that corresponds to a contemporary management of employees and to prepare you for specific situations using practical examples.

The seminar Employee Leadership in Berlin not only lays the basic foundation for the targeted application of leadership tools, but is the ideal leadership training for all those who want to increase their company's success together with motivated, enthusiastic, efficient and satisfied employees. We support you on this path with our practice-oriented training and in-house seminars.

Strengthen your leadership skills with a leadership seminar in Berlin

What can you expect in a leadership seminar in Berlin? With the help of theoretical and practical content, you will learn how to use employee-oriented leadership behaviour in a targeted manner, optimise your leadership style and get efficient leadership tools at hand. In our leadership seminar in Berlin you will deal with the principles and requirements of personnel management, get to know your own leadership personality, practise using leadership instruments with the help of practical role plays and refine your communication with employees.

The seminar on personnel management in Berlin is aimed at the target group of managers and leaders who want to develop new potential in a practical way, expand their existing knowledge and engage in a lively exchange with other participants. The focus is on further development and reorientation in order to use goal-oriented leadership behaviour more profitably and to find sensible approaches to solutions at any time.

Dates for the Leadership Seminar in Berlin

26.09.2022 - 27.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
12.12.2022 - 13.12.2022
1.090,00 EUR

Further event dates and locations available

We run this event in various cities and on numerous dates throughout the year. Choose your preferred date from our full schedule to attend the Employee Leadership Seminar in a city near you.

Why book a leadership seminar in Berlin at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy?

Book the leadership seminar in Berlin and enjoy a number of key advantages at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy that set us apart from other training institutions. All our management training courses, including the Leadership Seminar in Berlin, effectively combine theory and practice so that the knowledge acquired is directly consolidated through exercises.

The seminar venue is a business centre or an equivalently equipped event hotel. It is centrally located and has good connections to the public infrastructure. 14 days before the seminar begins, you will receive all important information and the exact venue in Berlin by email from our organisation team.

The leadership seminar in Berlin takes place in a small group of a maximum of eight participants. This gives you and the other participants enough time to examine your own leadership skills, to practise different everyday situations such as appraisal interviews with the new techniques in role-plays and to engage in a constructive exchange of experiences.

We will provide you with comprehensive catering for lunch and during the breaks. In addition, with us you have the security of knowing that the leadership training will be carried out 100%. If you are unable to attend, you can send another participant without any problems. Cancellation or rebooking is also possible at any time and free of charge. Book the leadership seminar in Berlin now without any risk.

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