Improve competences of trainers

Improve professional competences of trainers

The path to successful training
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Origin of the customer ratings

The evaluations of our seminars, webinars and workshops are given by the training participants. Following each training event, participants provide written feedback via a digital questionnaire. The customer testimonials mentioned on our website are also taken from these questionnaires.

Calculation of the overall evaluation

The total of eight evaluation criteria, which are collected by means of a questionnaire, result proportionately in the calculated overall evaluation.

Module assessments

The contents of the Trainer-the-Trainer seminar were very appealing to me.

My expectations of this training were far exceeded! The professional competence of the seminar leaders was excellent.

I particularly liked the personal touch of the event and the competent trainer.

Due to the practical examples and the reference to the individual everyday working life, I rate the seminar as "very good".

Much attention paid to questions and personal situations. Very practical. Many exercises & examples.

My expectations of this training were definitely met. A successful event that I can rate VERY GOOD.

I really liked the intensity of the training and the individual approach to my personal concerns.

Programme fee
4.280,00 EUR
(plus VAT)
1. Module: Train the Trainer
2. Module: Moderation training
3. Module: How do I affect others? - Seminar
4. Module: Change Management Seminar

Constantly growing demands on professional and managerial staff as well as changes in the market make further training a popular and necessary measure to maintain one's own and the company's competitiveness. Professional know-how is very valuable and should be passed on if it is already available in the company. However, internal training measures require a competent trainer who is not only able to reproduce his knowledge, but also knows how to convey it in an appealing and descriptive way. Improving the professional skills of trainers is therefore a matter close to the hearts of many companies. In a comprehensive training programme, the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy offers trainers the opportunity to acquire various trainer competencies for effective knowledge transfer.

Improve professional competences of trainers in the comprehensive development programme

The training programme for trainers of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy is composed of four, coordinated seminars in which the professional competences of trainers are extensively improved. The following seminars are included in this development programme:

  1. Train the Trainer Seminar
  2. Moderation training
  3. How do I affect others?
  4. Change Management Seminar

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Price advantage of the training programme for trainers of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy

For fruitful further training, trainers should be trained in several areas of competence. Improve the professional competences of trainers in the four seminars of the further education programme of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy and receive a price advantage of 10%.

Seminar topics

Improving the professional skills of trainers: These are the skills that matter

The professional competence of the trainer is the prerequisite for every training offered. However, a trainer must be able to do much more. In order to convey one's own knowledge well to other people, the presence of social competences is of great importance. One's own appearance and the way one deals with other people directly influence the outcome of a training. Likewise, the choice of the right teaching method should not be neglected and the trainer's own motivation also plays a fundamental role.

Self-confidence & motivation

If you want to improve the professional competences of trainers, you should pay attention to their self-confidence and motivation. Only those who are self-confident and genuinely interested in a topic or subject area will be able to present themselves competently and convince their listeners of their abilities. The audience will quickly notice whether the trainer really has his or her heart and mind in the matter; a fact that, in the worst case, can lead to inattention and unacceptance on the part of the audience.

Communication skills

As a trainer, you communicate with your audience throughout. Comprehensible articulation, wording and appropriate use of metaphor are central to this. By summarising important points, you ensure that you do not lose your audience at any point. By listening actively, you also prevent misunderstandings and resolve ambiguities.


Your listeners want to learn something from you. Therefore, you will definitely improve the professional skills of trainers if you learn to be attentive and pay attention to the needs of your listeners. If you are clearly interested in your audience and have a certain degree of curiosity and openness to other perspectives and questions, you will build a trusting relationship with your listeners. This is essential for successful learning.


A training course must be well prepared to enable a presentation with a common thread. Well-structured training helps the audience to absorb and process all relevant information. If you want to improve the professional skills of trainers, time management should therefore also be on the training schedule. Sufficient time for your presentation, questions, group work, etc. should be planned into training sessions without going beyond the scope of the training.

Methodology & Didactics

The use of methodology and didactics appropriate to the target group is also of central importance. In order to get and keep the attention of the audience, you should not simply give a dry frontal lecture. With the help of various media, you can illustrate the content presented and communicate it to your colleagues in a comprehensible way. For follow-up, it is a good idea to create handouts or make presentations available afterwards.

"Improve the professional competencies of trainers" request as in-house training

You would like to carry out the development program in your company as an in-house training? This is of course possible! We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and create an individual offer that corresponds to your content priorities, your given time frame and other wishes. Please send your in-house enquiry to:

Would you like to individually improve the professional competences of trainers?

Those who want to improve the professional competences of trainers but already have some of the skills offered in the pre-selected seminars can individualise the programme according to their personal training needs. Feel free to contact us. We will help you find a custom-fit selection of seminar modules from our comprehensive portfolio of topics that will meet individual development aspirations towards becoming a successful trainer.

The tasks of a coach

The overall task of a trainer is to share their knowledge with other people. So if you improve the professional competences of trainers, ultimately not only the trainer benefits, but equally the audience.

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