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Call Center Training

Service-oriented telephoning
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Description: Call Centre Training

Proper telephoning needs to be learned and the importance of convincing conversation management is often not given enough weight. Especially in the call centre, it is necessary to use customer conversations for customer retention or for successful telemarketing. Managers and call centre staff are usually the first point of contact for the company's various communication channels. Training can refresh existing knowledge and impart new knowledge so that telemarketing or complaint management in telephone calls is simplified.

Contents: Call centre training

Customer-oriented action for more customer satisfaction

  • Overview of the possibilities in customer contact
  • The concept of service and one's own attitude
  • Differentiating between internal and external customers

Basics of telephone training

  • Using the telephone in a targeted way in customer service
  • Greeting formula
  • Effects on the content of indirect, direct and written conversations
  • Looking at self-assessment and the image of others

From greetings to farewells

  • Language as a means of communication
  • Questioning techniques in conversation
  • Correct self-assessment, correct argumentation and formulation as well as an adequate attitude in a customer conversation
  • Appropriate greetings, tips on how to conduct a conversation and repetition of phrases in case of comprehension difficulties

Correct speaking in telephone conversations

  • Voice training and the effects of volume, speech tempo and modulation
  • Appropriate choice of words for more efficiency and customer satisfaction in telephone sales, complaint management or when clarifying concerns
  • Active listening and representing a customer-oriented point of view

Follow-up and quality assurance in everyday work

  • Exercises and tips for more efficient organisation
  • Avoiding disturbances in customer conversations
  • Telephone notes as evidence and reminder in customer contact

Your benefit: Call centre training

Our training offers managers and employees the opportunity to simplify their everyday work in telephone sales or telephone customer contact.

  • Learn the differences between telemarketing and telephone training in the telephone training and expand your knowledge through various exercises and voice training.
  • In the call centre training, deal with and optimise the most important communication basics as well as your personal style - from greetings to farewells.
  • Receive valuable tips in our training that will help you significantly in difficult conversations in customer retention, so that you can solve the concerns of the conversation partner in a competent and practical way and achieve greater customer satisfaction.
  • In addition, methods of organisation are trained within the framework of the telephone training, so that all communication channels and customer conversations are not only subject to a certain quality assurance, but important information can be retrieved as quickly as possible.

Methodology/didactics: Call centre training

The call centre training is optimally tailored to the practice-oriented training of agents and can help you as a manager as well as your employees to manage telephone calls efficiently. In addition to theoretical basics, our call centre training focuses on practical examples to deepen what you have learned and to try it out in group exercises. In addition, you will receive continuous feedback from renowned trainers so that you can better evaluate your self-assessment and attitude to the outside world. Training documents round off the training and allow you to refer to them at any time afterwards.

Target group of the call centre training

Our training in the areas of telephone training and call centre training provides employees in customer service as well as managers with essential know-how in order to competently deal with the customers' concerns through skilful behaviour in telephone calls. The call centre training addresses all those who are involved in telephone customer service.

Seminar dates & locations

09.06.2022 - 10.06.2022
1.090,00 EUR
15.09.2022 - 16.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
28.11.2022 - 29.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR

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What is a call centre agent?

As an agent in a telephone switchboard, you are responsible for making offers in addition to telephone sales. You show presence with customer enquiries and also take on market and opinion surveys, among other things.

These are the skills you need to be a customer-focused call centre agent

By actively listening in customer conversations, you can represent your service-oriented attitude to the outside world. A good sense of hearing as well as participation in voice training can increase the skills of your telephone presence. In addition, it is an advantage to keep a smile on your face in case of conflicts and problems, because this smile often reaches your conversation partner and takes the wind out of the sails of possible aggression.

5 tips for a qualitative conversation

  • Show presence - not only loyal existing customers, but also new customers want to be noticed.
  • Stay in the flow of the conversation and get to the heart of your arguments.
  • Arrogance and omniscience can quickly turn negative.
  • You can support the arguments tailored to the needs of the potential customer with open questions
  • Start conversations with a smile and an individual greeting so that even loyal regular customers feel special

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