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Rhetoric Seminar

Speaking effectively and authentically
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Description: Rhetoric Seminar

Communication is the be-all and end-all at work. In addition to the content of what is said, the way it is conveyed is just as important. With good rhetoric and dialectics, specialists and managers can convince their interlocutors or the audience of themselves and what they have said. A rhetoric seminar helps you to develop your linguistic expressiveness and persuasiveness with the help of a variety of practical exercises and techniques, and to use methods and stylistic devices to convincingly get your point across in the future. In addition, you will sustainably improve your fluency. Investing in the rhetoric seminar - and consequently in articulation, repartee, speaking techniques and further knowledge of rhetoric - strengthens your self-confidence and thus your effectiveness and credibility as a speaker and leads you to successful conversations.

Contents: Rhetoric Seminar

Basics of successful rhetoric

  • Understanding aspects of convincing rhetoric
  • How do you develop confidence in speaking?
  • Knowing and using effective linguistic means

Preparing rhetorical presence

  • Knowing and influencing general conditions
  • Understanding the needs of the target group
  • Planning structure and sequence

Appearing confident

  • Start in a well thought out and structured way
  • Speaking freely without aids
  • Building up tension
  • Using questions in a goal-oriented way

Body language and voice

  • Use of gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and posture
  • Use of vocal accentuation
  • Consciously controlling the pace of speech and pauses
  • Choice of words and linguistic expression

Interaction with listeners and interlocutors

  • Perceiving non-verbal signals from the audience
  • Activating the audience
  • Dealing with questions and objections
  • Different types of interlocutors

Stage fright and insecurity

  • Controlling nervousness and tension with calm anchors
  • Finding the red thread again
  • Avoiding stumbling blocks
  • Making use of unforeseen disturbances

Your benefit: Rhetoric seminar

In our rhetoric seminars you will learn to use rhetorical skills in a results-oriented way so that your message is understood. In this training event, you will have the opportunity to build on your communicative strengths as well as to recognise and eliminate weaknesses:

  • You will learn central principles of confident discussion techniques.
  • You will reduce stage fright and build up self-confidence.
  • You will consciously use convincing stylistic devices
  • You will win over your listeners and interlocutors
  • You communicate freely and convincingly in front of an audience

Methodology and Didactics: Rhetoric Seminar

The learning methods used in this training include speech and voice training, as well as numerous practice situations for beginners. The aim of the exercises is to create a rhetorical strengths and weaknesses profile of the seminar participants, as well as the subsequent training of rhetorical means and manners, which are shown at the beginning via trainer input. Trying out the toolbox of communication methods is evaluated by means of video analysis. Group discussions and the use of training materials round off the training. Due to numerous exercises per speaker, the number of participants in the rhetoric seminars of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy is strongly limited and contributes to a better knowledge transfer within the training format.

Target group of the rhetoric seminar

The rhetoric seminar of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy is aimed at people who want to master their appearance in front of other people competently and confidently. The situations to be trained include presentation and lecture situations as well as conversations with customers, colleagues and employees. The rhetoric course is suitable for all those who want to acquire rhetorical skills and try them out in a protected training environment. The newly acquired skills are internalised in numerous exercises to avoid stumbling blocks when using them in the future and to ensure that you always present yourself authentically, in line with your personality. This is how we guarantee maximum learning success.

Below you can see in which cities and on which dates we offer this course. How about a rhetoric seminar in Hamburg or a rhetoric seminar in Munich?

Rhetoric seminar also as in-house training

You would like to hold the rhetoric seminar in your company as an in-house training? Then we are the right contact for you! We will be happy to prepare an individual offer that meets your content priorities, your specified time frame and other wishes. Please send your request to: kontakt@drgkitzmann-akademie.de

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What makes a good rhetorician?

A good rhetorician can convince his or her counterparts both in dialogue with his or her interlocutors and in monologue during lectures or presentations. You have mastered the speaker's etiquette if you:

  • are a good listener: A dialogue needs at least two participants. A good speaker listens properly to his or her interlocutor and responds to what is being said.
  • are authentic: Rhetoric is not the same as acting. You should not pretend and manipulate your counterpart, but be convinced of your opinion yourself and represent it.
  • Dealing with objections: A good rhetorician does not convince with his or her own person, but with a clearly formulated point of view of his or her opinion and can deal with counter-arguments accordingly well.
  • Use gestures & facial expressions: Underline your arguments with body language stylistic devices.
  • Don't ramble: Filler words have no place in a good argument. Also refrain from using a lot of foreign words, depending on the interlocutor or audience.
  • Be able to articulate yourself well: Expression is everything.

In the rhetoric seminar we teach you all the necessary basics of successful rhetoric, which you will know how to use in practice after completing the seminar.

Ensure learning transfer with selected e-learnings

Rhetoric: This is how the term is understood in our rhetoric seminar

The term "rhetoric" comes from the ancient Greek and means the art of oratory. Rhetoric is understood as purposeful, verbal and non-verbal communication behaviour between people. The verbal area, articulated by means of the voice, accounts for only a small part of what is conveyed in terms of information content. The far greater contribution to the performance of interpersonal communication is made by non-verbal components such as body language, gestures and facial expressions. Through the use of oratory, the audience can be emotionally activated in conversations, captivated in terms of content and ultimately convinced.

The methods serve, for example, to structure a speech, reduce nervousness and use linguistic ability. You will learn all this in our rhetoric seminars. Inspire your audience with basic, theoretical skills that specifically strengthen your rhetorical abilities in practice. Our experienced lecturers will help you to realise your full potential!

Why is participation in a rhetoric seminar so important?

Those who can express themselves according to the situation and the participants of an event are heard. If the rhetorician uses the supporting skills of rhetoric in interpersonal communication, she radiates sovereignty, self-confidence and authenticity. Participation in the rhetoric seminar is profitable for you because you will receive tips and advice on how to optimise your everyday conversation. As a result, you will strengthen your eloquence and expressiveness. Use this rhetoric course to train for your personal situation:

  • Speech
  • Speech
  • Speech
  • Meeting
  • Appearance
  • Negotiation

What challenges does the rhetoric seminar prepare me for?

Have you also experienced the following incidents? You are giving an important speech and are unsettled by an unexpected interjection. You are giving presentations to executives or larger groups in your company and suddenly lose the thread. You are trying to make a point and get caught up in your own argumentation.

These training events offer assistance in achieving success in the above-mentioned examples. You will be taught tips and tricks that you can then try out in speeches and professional presentations. In addition, after each exercise in the rhetoric seminar, you will receive feedback from the trainer and the participants on your appearance and argumentation, so that in the next stressful situation you will know exactly which formulation is target-oriented and when.

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