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Sales training

Sales training for the field sales force
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Description: Sales training

Customer proximity and empathy are decisive success factors for successful and sustainable sales. With the right strategy, not only can existing customers contribute to the ongoing success of the company, but new customers can also be acquired. However, this requires the ability to use knowledge about the industry and the sales object itself profitably.

Contents: Sales training

More success in the sales force: The advantages of sales training

  • Increase sales success with sales training
  • strategic potential in B2B
  • recognising human character types and reacting accordingly

The fine art of sales management

  • Close deals faster with door-opening products
  • Route planning and territory development/takeover
  • Using sales documents successfully

Sales psychology and communication at eye level

  • Strengthening your own mentality and using body language correctly
  • Emotional intelligence as a sales-enhancing factor
  • Using behavioural psychology to get through problematic customer conversations

Exploiting customer potential

  • Analysing individual growth potential
  • Retain important existing customers and establish new customer contacts
  • Checking customer values

Sales techniques and rhetorical skills

  • Conducting sales and negotiation talks
  • Using questioning techniques to steer the course of the conversation
  • Correct argumentation in price and complaint discussions
  • rhetorical training

Your benefit: Sales training

Our sales trainers teach the basics of confident and respectful behaviour as a salesperson and introduce participants to essential basics of conducting conversations and negotiations.

  • The sales training prepares you for a wide range of situations in practice so that you can not only keep the upper hand even in complicated conversations, but above all react appropriately and professionally.
  • The aim of the training is also to familiarise you with different customer typologies and to familiarise you with various sales and closing techniques.
  • In the conversation and negotiation training, we explain procedures and tactics for successful price discussions and complaints.
  • The sales training optimally prepares participants for everyday sales work, both internally and on the road.
  • In the business world, your newly gained experience in sales training as well as your confident, competent appearance will soon reap the first positive results.

Methodology and didactics: Sales training

The sales training covers core concepts from the areas of sales management, sales psychology and sales techniques. The focus is on practical application so that you, as a salesperson, will not only generate more sales but also find more fun in your job. You will learn how to interpret your client's requirements and how to view your counterpart as a person with very individual needs - whether on an extended sales tour or in the office.

Target group of the sales training

The sale of services or end products is one of the most essential activities in a company. Our sales trainers therefore do not only train managers and management consultants with several years of professional experience. Rather, our sales training addresses employees in sales and brings them closer to the customer. This creates a win-win situation for companies and clients themselves.

Seminar dates & locations

30.05.2022 - 31.05.2022
1.090,00 EUR
16.06.2022 - 17.06.2022
1.090,00 EUR
27.06.2022 - 28.06.2022
1.090,00 EUR
14.07.2022 - 15.07.2022
1.090,00 EUR
15.08.2022 - 16.08.2022
1.090,00 EUR
01.09.2022 - 02.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
22.09.2022 - 23.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
17.10.2022 - 18.10.2022
1.090,00 EUR
24.11.2022 - 25.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR
01.12.2022 - 02.12.2022
1.090,00 EUR
08.12.2022 - 09.12.2022
1.090,00 EUR

Sales training as an in-house seminar

You would like to hold the sales training in your company as an in-house seminar? That is of course possible. We will be happy to provide you with an individual and non-binding offer that matches your approach to content, your time frame and other wishes. Simply send us an enquiry to:

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The cornerstones of successful customer acquisition

A good commercial agent or employee is not defined solely by his or her track record. Rather, several factors play a supporting role. With these 5 points, you are already laying the foundation on your way to becoming a more successful business partner.

  • Successful customer acquisition is based, among other things, on the ability to identify or evoke specific needs. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are talking to and try to help them achieve what they want.
  • Know the value of your own goods or services and communicate this to the outside world. Demonstrate in a sales meeting that you are well prepared and do not leave any questions unanswered.
  • Nothing beats a precise analysis of the target group. Get to know the needs and challenges of your target group so that you can use these insights to address specific problems - with the aim of steering sales in this direction.
  • Salespeople should not only offer goods as part of a comprehensive customer service, but also demonstrate competence in providing advice. This leads to satisfied customers, who may be happy to return to your offer.
  • The competition never sleeps - keep this in mind. The potential new customer will check your offer and possibly also ask for offers from competitors. Be prepared for price negotiations and have some selling points.

With sales training, confidently through all phases of the sales process

Not every employee turns out to be a natural in the sales process - characters are just different. Nevertheless, it is not unlikely that targeted training will not only increase motivation but also the positive response on the part of the business partner. A sales coach or experienced sales trainer will take away your fear of the unknown in sales talks. The so-called sales cycle always follows a similar pattern:

  • Assessment of the prospective customer and establishment of contact
  • Qualification (sounding out needs, budget, decision-making power and time frame)
  • Offer phase and reduction of objections
  • Closing the sale

The positive effect of the training becomes apparent at the latest as soon as the participants put the acquired tools into practice in their daily work. Self-confidence and expertise make (new) customer acquisition much easier and contribute to the success of the company. Sales training is an investment that can ensure full order books after only a short time.

Success with sales psychology

Sales psychology helps you to assess clients in sales situations. The point is not to find out how you can manipulate your business partners, but rather why you value them. Because appreciation leads to successful cooperation not only internally in the team, but also in sales discussions.

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