Further training in systemic leadership at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy

Advanced training in systemic leadership

Leadership for self-leadership
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Description: Continuing education Systemic Leadership

Systemic leadership not only presupposes certain basic competencies of leadership action, but also thrives on interest, appreciation and an open attitude towards new things. Our further training in systemic leadership gives you valuable know-how for solution-oriented ways of thinking and teaches complex techniques to sustainably expand your competence to act and to initiate change processes in a resource-oriented way.

Contents: Advanced training in systemic leadership

Basics of systemic leadership skills

  • Thinking systemically and creating clarity as a leader
  • Exercises to consolidate systemic techniques
  • Recognising complexity in the development process

Principles of systemic thinking

  • Systemic questions to strengthen problem-solving skills
  • Problem and solution glasses
  • The systemic loop and its possibilities in leadership style
  • Reality and possibility construction

Leaders and personal attitudes to the model

  • Learning the differences between mechanistic and systemic models
  • Systemic versus classical - showing the respective advantages
  • Learning reframing for positive reinterpretation

Effects of systemic thinking

  • Illuminating the effects within a social system
  • Learning about characteristics of social systems
  • Recognising and analysing interactions within the system

The systemic loop in detail

  • Training functional thinking
  • Internalising the meaning of different types of questions and using them to solve problems
  • Changing perspectives through wonder questions

Your benefit: Further training in systemic leadership

Our seminar on further training in systemic leadership is a leadership seminar that provides you as a department head, organisational consultant or team leader with various tools to implement solutions in a targeted manner.

  • Acquire leadership skills and expand your professional scope of action through systemic techniques and questions.
  • Adopt a resource-saving basic attitude that enables you to solve many problems more efficiently
  • Get an overview of various systemic hypotheses in the context of staff and team leadership as a leader
  • Learn about the effects of systemic thinking in a social system
  • Use the systemic loop to solve problems and make use of various types of questions to support it

Methodology and didactics: Further training in systemic leadership

Our Systemic Leadership training consists of informative theoretical lectures and a practical part. The latter is weighted more heavily and includes numerous exercises to underpin approaches that have been taken up and to be able to apply them immediately.

Target group of the further training Systemic Leadership

The Systemic Leadership training is primarily aimed at employees at all levels who are entrusted with decisions on resource deployment and employee management. Furthermore, the training is aimed at team leaders and project managers as well as employees with leadership tasks in general.

Seminar dates & locations

05.09.2022 - 06.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
21.11.2022 - 22.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR

Request the Systemic Leadership training as an in-house training course

If you wish, our training seminar can not only be held directly in your company, but can also be tailored to your specific requirements and time frame. Simply send us an enquiry to: kontakt@drgkitzmann-akademie.de

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What does systemic leadership mean?

In contrast to traditional leadership approaches, systemic leadership has the advantage that all individual sub-areas of a company and beyond are considered as a large whole. In this way, the company can grow in the long term.

Why do you need systemic leadership?

The goals of systemic leadership are, among other things, that individual teams take responsibility themselves and solve problems independently. You yourself only act as a supervisor, so that you are more of a moderator than a boss. However, the performance of your staff remains unaffected or can even be increased.

The importance of systemic thinking for leaders

Supervisors do not act as omniscient bosses, but support the team in achieving goals or ensure that employees set and implement their own goals. In addition, systemic team leaders establish a culture of feedback and mutual knowledge transfer in order to promote all participants. The focus is less on short-term gains and more on long-term benefits.

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