Leadership development programme

Leadership development programme

Mastering new challenges

The world has changed a lot in recent years. Global connectivity, significant change processes and innovative technologies pose new challenges for companies. Especially for managers and aspiring junior managers, the already complex areas of responsibility are becoming more demanding and diverse. In addition, faster change cycles and continuous growth requirements lead to high expectations. A field of tension arises, as the expanded field of action places higher demands on leaders.

Furthermore, it is not only professional competencies that matter. The ability to communicate, empathy and other qualities are essential factors for a successful leader.

In order to be able to cope with the situation, the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy offers support to specialists and executives in the form of modular executive development programmes. These guarantee comprehensive professional and personal development that is adapted to the needs of the individual.

Find out here what a successful leadership development programme looks like.

Leadership development programme: Modular structure

The Leadership Development Programme (Basic) consists of four elective modules, each of which includes a two-day seminar. In each of the elective modules listed above we present two seminars, from which you can then choose one. Each of the four modules covers a separate area of competence:

  1. Elective module: Leadership
  2. Elective module: Communication
  3. Elective module: Personality development
  4. Elective module: Work Organisation & Work Technique

Please do not hesitate to contact us if our seminar proposals do not meet your personal further training needs. We will help you find a tailor-made selection of seminar modules from our comprehensive portfolio of topics that will meet your individual development needs. Our goal is to ensure that your employees' learning process with our Leadership Development Programme is as customised and individual as possible!

Note: The Leadership Development Programme allows you to save 10% compared to booking four individual seminar events. When booking, please let us know which elective modules you have selected. We will automatically include the above discount in the invoice.

1st elective module: Leadership training

2nd elective module: Communication training

  • Recommendation
Rhetoric Seminar
  • 55 Dates
  • 14 Cities
64 Reviews

Elective module 3: Seminar on personality development

4th elective module: Seminar Work Technique & Work Organisation

  • Recommendation
Time Management Seminar
  • 53 Dates
  • 14 Cities
78 Reviews

Methodology of the Leadership Development Programme

To ensure continuity of learning, participants of the Leadership Development Programme complete a four-part programme with coordinated modules. Due to the modular structure, different seminars can be freely selected according to your personal needs or the needs of your employees in order to strengthen individual competences and skills.

The leadership development programme is designed in such a way that participants have the opportunity to get to know and deal with themselves better on the one hand, and to learn new behaviour on the other. The learning methods used include versatile theoretical and practical exercises to consolidate what has been learned, to gain experience, to reflect on it together and thus to expand one's own repertoire.

Why a leadership development programme is necessary

The skills shortage is just one of many reasons why investment in human resource development has proven to be extremely important. In addition to the shortage of staff, it is also evident today that young professionals have few ambitions for senior positions, making it all the more important to identify, develop and retain the best candidates. But aspiring young managers also face new challenges and need to be prepared for a changed leadership culture. Furthermore, a good leadership culture is also crucial in order to be perceived as a TOP employer.

Leadership development programme: Developing competences and skills

Unlike knowledge, competences are based on one's own experiences and values. Therefore, they cannot be learned just like that, for example, like learning vocabulary by heart. This is because competences are consolidated through values, experiences, self-reflection and different situations. However, numerous studies also show that competencies can be developed excellently. For this, it is important that employees have the opportunity to generate knowledge in a self-organised way. The internal and external provision of relevant information and the exchange of knowledge based on experience lead to the development of competences. Especially through new contents and forms of further education, competences can be acquired in a self-organised way - acting creatively in novel, open and real problem situations.

Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

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