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Personality development seminar: together we get the best out of you

Success at work is not always due to good professional knowledge alone. In fact, your personality often plays a much more decisive role than your professional competence. Personality is the starting point for ways of thinking and behaving and is formed through upbringing and shaped by experiences and encounters throughout life. These external influences are highly variable and usually cause your personality to develop continuously. You will replace old ways of thinking with new ones and also sometimes break out of your usual patterns of behaviour. You yourself can also actively influence your personality development. Learn to better assess and accept your own personality in personality development seminars, to work on undesirable characteristics and to acquire desired characteristics in turn. Make full use of your potential with self-management.

What is personality development and how does it work

Although change has negative connotations for many people and is avoided out of convenience or insecurity, standing still leads much more often to dissatisfaction. Whether in everyday life, at work or with oneself - entrenched patterns of thinking and behaviour can have a lasting impact on life and prevent further development. With the help of active personal development, you take this further development into your own hands and go through several stages in the process.

  1. Self-awareness: Through the feedback of those around you and through your self-perception, you reflect on your talents, flaws, goals and desires in order to evaluate your status quo.
  2. Self-acceptance: Accept the current state of your personality and learn to appreciate it.
  3. Self-change: Set a goal and work towards discarding or acquiring certain habits, behaviour patterns, characteristics or skills and thus develop yourself further.

Seminar on personality development: What is this seminar at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy about?

In our personal development seminars, we support you in the process of personal development by providing you with relevant theories and physical techniques, practical exercises and lots of feedback. The overall goal is to grow your personality by gaining mental strength, high life satisfaction and resilience. By choosing the appropriate seminar, you decide exactly how we will support you. You would first like to gain mental strength? Together we will work on your self-confidence and sovereignty, help you to gain self-knowledge through mindfulness or strengthen your emotional intelligence or social skills. Effective stress management helps you to be happier, while problem-solving skills help you to gain long-term resilience.

Personality development seminar: Who is it suitable for?

Our character development seminars are suitable for professionals and managers who want to develop their personality in order to become more self-confident, more satisfied and more successful in their careers. By choosing your desired seminar, you determine which aspect of character development we will support you with.

Personality development seminars: 7 reasons for a visit

  • You can better assess your effect on others and appear self-confident and self-assured.
  • You get to know yourself better and know how to use your strengths and weaknesses in a targeted way.
  • You accept yourself, are at peace with yourself and thus more satisfied.
  • You are open and independent and can better deal with different situations.
  • You strengthen your leadership skills.
  • You reflect on your thinking and behaviour in encounters with your fellow human beings and can draw consequences from this.

Where do the personality development seminars take place?

All our seminars are primarily held in person at five to 14 of our locations. Are you interested in a training that is not taking place near you? On certain dates, we offer webinars that you can easily attend from home. Are you an employer interested in an in-house training? Please feel free to contact us:

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