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In recent years, project work has emerged as an often favoured alternative to the line system or routine work. Regardless of the industry, many companies rely on this efficient form of work and face the challenges of dynamic markets. Although project work can be a success factor, it is not uncommon to hear of projects that fail miserably. This is often due to misjudgement, miscalculation and mismanagement on the part of the project manager. Improving the professional skills of project managers is therefore absolutely necessary.

Improving the professional competences of project managers: a qualification programme

The Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy's project manager qualification programme is designed to provide project managers with all the necessary skills required for professional and successful project work. In four modules, you can thus improve professional competences of project managers. The course consists of a compulsory module on project management and three elective modules, each covering a separate area of competence:

  1. Compulsory module: Project management
  2. Elective module: Work organisation & work technique
  3. Elective module: Leadership
  4. Elective module: Communication

Each module consists of a two-day seminar. Let yourself be inspired by the range of topics for the three elective modules and decide on one of the suggestions in each case. We will be happy to advise you personally on the most suitable elective modules for you.

Improve the professional skills of project managers and save money in the process

By participating in the qualification programme for project managers, you benefit from a saving of 10% compared to booking four individual seminar events. When booking your desired training programme, please let us know which elective modules you have selected to improve the professional skills of project managers. We will automatically take the above discount into account in the invoicing.

1st compulsory module: Seminar Project Management

2nd elective module: Seminar Work Technique & Work Organisation

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Time Management Seminar
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3rd elective module: Seminar Leadership

4th elective module: Seminar Communication

Moderation training
  • 28 Dates
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Your individualised training programme

You would like to improve the professional competences of project managers, but already have the knowledge imparted in the specified seminars? If our seminar suggestions do not meet the personal further training needs of your project managers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find a custom-fit selection of seminar modules from our comprehensive portfolio of topics that will meet your individual development needs. Our goal is to ensure that your project managers' learning journey with our qualification programme is as customised and individual as possible!

Tasks of a project manager

As a project manager, you are on board a project from initiation to planning and monitoring to project completion. You are the link between the customer, management and all other project participants. All necessary information is communicated to and from you at every stage. In addition, the following tasks are part of your job:

  • Formulation of objectives
  • Creation of the project plan
  • Resource planning
  • Calculation of effort and costs
  • Risk analysis
  • Controlling
  • Conflict management
  • Quality management

So if you want to improve the professional competences of project managers, you can take further training in various areas of activity.

The 6 most important competences of project managers

While it makes sense for professional project management to improve the technical skills of project managers, a number of soft skills are ultimately crucial for the success of a project manager - and consequently for the project.

Communication skills

Anyone who manages a project must be able to communicate. As the central point of contact for management, the project team and the client, precise and flawless communication is essential to keep everyone involved up to date with the latest information. You should always formulate according to the target group. Team members must be able to understand what exactly their task is and need a contact person who has the necessary background knowledge as well as an overview of the entire project. Although oral communication plays a major role, written forms of communication should not be neglected. Communication channels such as the use of e-mails or certain tools must be mastered by the project manager, as well as by all other participants.


Project work is team work. Therefore, it is essential for a project manager to be able to work well with other people. After all, a job can only be completed successfully if all team members pull together.

Problem & conflict resolution

It is not uncommon in projects for unforeseen problems and disagreements to arise between individual participants that need to be managed. In this respect, it is essential to improve the professional skills of project managers and to prevent delays, high costs or even a failure of the project by dealing with problems and conflicts in the right way.

Organisation & Time Management

Planning is the be-all and end-all in project management. If you cannot coordinate and plan, your project will inevitably go to the wall. You can improve the professional skills of project managers simply by learning to organise yourself and your tasks well. With the right time management, prioritisation and delegation of tasks, you will be on your way to successful project completion.

Leadership skills

If you want to improve the professional skills of project managers, you should pay particular attention to their leadership skills. After all, project managers are both leaders and contact persons for various stakeholders. For a smooth project process, you should always keep the project goal in mind for all stakeholders and lead your project team clearly.

Agility & flexibility

In an ideal world, planned timings are met and a project is completed without delay. Realistically, however, this is rather an exceptional case. An important professional skill of project managers that you can improve is to constantly adapt and rethink the project plan.

Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

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