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Seminars Work Organisation & Work Technique

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Seminar Work organisation: for less stress and more efficiency

Nowadays, stress is a daily companion in everyday work and can endanger not only your productivity but also your health to too great an extent. With good work organisation on both the employer's and the employee's side, stress factors can be reduced and work processes facilitated to ultimately provide you with a more pleasant and efficient working day. With a seminar on work organisation, you learn to use methods and techniques according to the situation.

Seminars on work organisation & work technique

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Time Management Seminar
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What is work organisation?

The term work organisation covers everything that determines your everyday work, but also everything that makes it easier. Thus, cooperation with your superiors and colleagues, the use of work equipment or the planning of work processes fall under the entrepreneurial side of work organisation. In addition to these framework conditions, which are usually set by your employer or which you yourself influence to a certain extent as a manager, work organisation also takes place at the individual level. For example, with improved work processes and good time management you can eliminate time-wasters and thus create more efficient work processes, or with certain techniques you can recognise stress at an early stage and counteract it.

3 reasons for a seminar on work organisation

  1. Working more productively and efficiently not only makes you more successful professionally, but also more enjoyable at work.
  2. Reducing or avoiding stress increases your satisfaction and health.
  3. Good planning and organisation contribute to good cooperation and a more pleasant working atmosphere.

Seminar on work organisation: this is how we support you in optimising your daily work routine

We offer you a diverse selection of seminars on both corporate and individual work organisation. Are you a manager without authority to issue directives, a project manager or do you regularly function as a moderator? In the corresponding seminar on work organisation, we explain how you can best organise your work and efficiently draw on the knowledge of others and resources to work in a goal-oriented manner. In the corresponding seminar Work organisation for the individual coordination of your own tasks, we show you how to optimise your work processes with suitable methods and techniques and how to better manage your time with good time management. You will also learn how to recognise stress at an early stage with stress management and how to counteract it as best as possible. In addition, you will train how to master difficult situations with strengthened resilience and good conflict management.

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