Rhetoric Seminars Cologne

Rhetoric seminars in Cologne

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Rhetoric Seminar Cologne: What challenges does the seminar prepare me for?

Cologne shows itself to be a powerful engine of success and an innovative business location where large companies, young start-ups and family-run businesses have established themselves in equal measure. Here, international qualities meet the Cologne mentality and form the linchpin for cooperation and business relationships. What counts here is not only specialist knowledge, but communicative skills, rhetorical oratory and self-confident body language. With a rhetoric seminar in Cologne, you will practice self-confidence as a speaker, practise effective conversation skills and convince with exciting presentations.

Rhetoric seminars in Cologne: for different fields of employment

Cologne convinces with a great diversity of industries. Nevertheless, the challenges are not seldom the same. Proper communication is one of the fundamental pillars of business success. We at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy have specialised in the professional development of technical and management staff and offer special rhetoric seminars in Cologne. In addition to the theoretical basics of rhetoric and dialectics, trained experts and lecturers teach you how to use different stylistic means to convince in any situation, but also topics such as how to perceive and specifically reduce stage fright before presentations and how to confidently enter into a conversation with negotiating partners.

The training courses always include extensive practical communication training in which you can directly put into practice what you have learned. This consolidates what you have learned in theory and deepens your rhetorical skills. At the same time, you improve your facial expressions and gestures and convince listeners and interlocutors with your body language.

Seminar dates & locations

14.03.2022 - 15.03.2022
980,00 EUR
12.05.2022 - 13.05.2022
980,00 EUR
01.09.2022 - 02.09.2022
980,00 EUR
07.11.2022 - 08.11.2022
980,00 EUR

Further event dates and locations available

We run this event in various cities and on numerous dates throughout the year. Choose your preferred date from our complete list of dates to attend the public speaking seminar in a city near you.

What are the reasons for a rhetoric seminar in Cologne?

The demands on specialists and managers are high. Not only do you have to make economically sensible decisions, but you also have to lead your employees, win over business partners or give a presentation on the company's development in front of interest groups. This requires a high degree of communicative skills, which you can learn professionally in a rhetoric seminar in Cologne. After one of our rhetoric courses you will be much more relaxed in any situation, because after the training you will have the tools you need to

  • speeches
  • Speeches
  • speeches
  • employee interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Product presentations

mastering rhetorically smart. Our practice-oriented classroom events take place on two seminar days and have a maximum number of eight participants. A small group allows us to respond to individual needs and to work specifically on problems. In addition to full catering with lunch and break snacks, you will receive comprehensive training documents for after the seminar.

Enjoy the advantages of a rhetoric seminar in Cologne at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy

In addition to our extensive range of courses, we offer you more services and flexibility. All our rhetoric seminars in Cologne take place in selected business centres or comparable event hotels, which convince with high-quality equipment and a central location. Around 14 days before the start of the course, you will receive an email with all the important information and from then on you will be kept constantly informed by us. We guarantee 100% implementation of our courses. Furthermore, we grant you the right to cancel, rebook or send another manager at any time free of charge.

Individual in-house rhetoric seminars in Cologne

Do you need support throughout your company? We would be happy to conduct an in-house rhetoric seminar at your premises and individually determine the focus of the content according to your goals and requirements. Determine the time frame and benefit from our offer to design a course in different languages. Take a look at our other training offers for the DACH and BENELUX regions. Here, among other things, coaching, workshops and webinars are waiting for you.

Contact us for your rhetoric seminar in Cologne and send your request directly to kontakt@drgkitzmann-akademie.de.

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