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Moderation training

The seminar Moderation for result-oriented meetings
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Seminar description of the moderation training

In the seminar moderation training you will learn how to lead a meeting to a result in a structured and goal-oriented way. You will be able to use the always appropriate moderation technique, control the group dynamics profitably and find your own role within the meeting. We will show you how to efficiently moderate all participants of a meeting to a working result and how to bring the results into an action plan. Your meetings will thus become a satisfying group experience with tangible results.

Seminar content Moderation training

Moderation - more than just a meeting

  • Benefits of moderation techniques
  • Fields of application of moderation methods
  • Phases of a moderation process

Facilitator - Facilitating & Leading

  • Self-image and role
  • Appearance and effect
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Responsibility and tasks
  • Acceptance in the function of the moderator

Moderation techniques - the tools

  • Preparation and phases of a moderation
  • Moderation tools: questioning, visualisation, structuring, weighting, evaluation
  • Problem-solving strategies for groups
  • Creativity techniques
  • Decision-making

Group dynamics

  • Establishing rules of the game
  • Understanding factual and relational levels
  • Activating groups and managing dynamics
  • Managing types of participants
  • Interaction between you and the group
  • Dealing with difficult situations and conflict management

Securing results

  • Using protocol types
  • Securing results
  • Action planning and areas of responsibility
  • Follow-up to the meeting

Seminar Benefits Facilitator Training

The benefit of this facilitation training workshop is that you will be able to access the knowledge and resources of every single professional and manager in your meetings. This will enable you to efficiently develop group results that are accepted and supported by all participants afterwards.

  • You will feel prepared for different situations and know which facilitation technique is most effective at which point in time.
  • You know what role you have to play.
  • You are able to lead different types of participants
  • You approach problems creatively and come up with solutions
  • You moderate the group to an outcome that takes into account different needs

Methodology & Didactics of the Seminar Moderation

The seminar Moderation Techniques is characterised by its constant alternation between the demonstration of theoretical moderation tools and the practical application of these techniques. Only through the high practical component of this training can you evaluate the respective advantages and disadvantages of the different moderation methods. Feedback from the facilitation trainer as well as from attending experts and managers helps you to find your role as a meeting leader and to sharpen it in the facilitation training.

The facilitation training is enriched by trainer input, individual and group work. The intersectoral exchange of experience among the participants is particularly enriching. If necessary, video analysis is used in the practical exercises, which are preferably taken from your everyday facilitation situations.

Training materials as a transfer aid round off the sustainable learning effect of this facilitation workshop and sharpen your competence even afterwards.

Target group of the moderation training

This facilitation training is suitable for professionals and managers who want to facilitate meetings, workshops and discussions in a confident, structured and results-oriented way. It is aimed at people who want to be able to channel group dynamics in a goal-oriented way and to lead a difficult meeting situation with confidence using the appropriate facilitation method. Finally, this is a group of people who are responsible for developing group results and action plans and would like to be provided with methods for doing so.

Seminar Dates & Cities
21.02.2022 - 22.02.2022
1.090,00 EUR
31.03.2022 - 01.04.2022
1.090,00 EUR
04.04.2022 - 05.04.2022
1.090,00 EUR
28.04.2022 - 29.04.2022
1.090,00 EUR
12.05.2022 - 13.05.2022
1.090,00 EUR
30.05.2022 - 31.05.2022
1.090,00 EUR
20.06.2022 - 21.06.2022
1.090,00 EUR
11.07.2022 - 12.07.2022
1.090,00 EUR
05.09.2022 - 06.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
12.09.2022 - 13.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
22.09.2022 - 23.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
26.09.2022 - 27.09.2022
1.090,00 EUR
13.10.2022 - 14.10.2022
1.090,00 EUR
17.10.2022 - 18.10.2022
1.090,00 EUR
21.11.2022 - 22.11.2022
1.090,00 EUR
05.12.2022 - 06.12.2022
1.090,00 EUR
15.12.2022 - 16.12.2022
1.090,00 EUR

Request moderation training as an in-house seminar

You would like to hold the moderation training in your company as an in-house seminar? That is of course possible! We will be happy to prepare an individual offer that meets your content priorities, your specified time frame and other wishes. Please send your in-house enquiry to:

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How do you become a good facilitator?

You become a good moderator by exposing yourself to real moderation situations as often as possible. In the sense that moderation makes perfect. It is important that you appoint people in the group of participants in your meetings who will give you targeted constructive feedback after each facilitation. Give each person a focus for observation: Structure of the face-to-face or virtual facilitation, behaviour and role, facilitation techniques used, methods used for visualisation, and interaction with the group.

With the help of the feedback you receive, you can compare whether you have achieved the goals you set yourself before a meeting. In this way, you turn everyday professional situations into your personal facilitation training.

What are the tasks of a facilitator?

The role of a meeting leader is to provide a structured process for achieving objectives. He or she is responsible for ensuring that individual participants in a meeting grow together to form a group. Within this group, the individual strengths of the team members are to be recognised and used for the benefit of the group. During this process, individual interests are constantly taken into account and weighed up in order to finally achieve a result that is accepted and supported by all participants.

What types of moderation are there?

  • Facilitation of meetings and discussions
  • Workshop moderation
  • Virtual moderation via Teams, Zoom and GoToWebinar
  • Moderation of large groups (over 20 people)
  • Event facilitation
  • Train the Trainer facilitation

When is moderation useful?

Facilitation is always appropriate in cases where the creativity, experience and knowledge of people from different departments, companies and backgrounds are to be used. In most situations, the aim is for the participants to take part in the process of creating the result and not only to accept the result, but also to support it. In the course of implementing the action plan, a high degree of identification with regard to the work steps is to be expected.

How do you facilitate a workshop?

  1. Prepare and determine the goal of the moderation
  2. Select and brief the participants of the meeting
  3. Control topic, content and time during facilitation
  4. Activate group and steer dynamics
  5. Collect, cluster, evaluate and weight possible solutions
  6. Visualise intermediate results
  7. Initiate opinion formation
  8. Conflict management
  9. Achieve and record results
  10. Derive action plan and assign responsibilities
  11. Follow-up of the workshop
  12. Follow-up with the participants

Are you looking for a moderator?

Are you looking for a facilitator for your meeting, conference or workshop? Our experienced moderators from the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy will be happy to assist you. You have already fixed the venue and time for your event? No problem, we will support you where and when you need our help. Of course, we will also train your corresponding executive on the moderation method with a trainer or consultant from our academy. Contact us today and receive your offer for conducting a moderation or for a moderation training.

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