In-house training

In-house Training

In-house training: Raise the potential of your employees

In-house training is a cost-effective and efficient way to develop employees in your company. By training the entire department at once, you can save time and money while improving the overall skills of all employees. Whether it's on-site in-house training or webinars, we have more than 15 years of experience in helping companies train their employees through customised solutions that are both practical and individual!

What is an in-house training?

In-house training is an effective instrument for the personnel development of any company to give employees the opportunity to further their education and to acquire new knowledge. With in-house training, employees receive a customised in-house seminar by external instructors. In many cases, in-house training offers employees and the company considerable advantages over other forms of training.

In-house training can be conducted on-site at the company or online via a special platform and is particularly useful when several employees or entire departments have similar qualification needs.

In-house training: Advantages of in-house seminars

In-house seminars bring a number of benefits for both employees and employers.

For employers , in-house training offers the opportunity to invest in existing employees in the long term, for example to counteract the shortage of skilled workers or to build up essential competitive advantages by keeping pace with rapid developments. In this way, new developments and specialised knowledge can be evaluated and pushed. Another advantage is that the company's operations are not disrupted by the training. This is because the workforce can be divided into several teams that are trained at different times. Furthermore, an in-house seminar is a particularly cost-effective option, as the costs per employee are lower when they are trained in a larger group instead of attending an external training individually. In addition, in-house seminars are individually tailored to operational challenges so that teaching concepts can be optimally adapted to the level of knowledge and further training needs of the employees. Due to the high practical relevance, this type of training is maximally effective. In addition, further training measures also strengthen employee loyalty to the company.

For employees , in-house training is an excellent opportunity to gain interdisciplinary knowledge and experience. A uniform level of information and knowledge sustainably strengthens the team culture and has a harmonious effect on the entire company. In addition, an in-house training also means that the employees receive further training in familiar surroundings and do not have to travel long distances. This means that more concrete situations and problems can be addressed. The consistent practical orientation ensures a sustainable and long-term transfer of learning.

Why in-house seminars are important for companies

In addition to the numerous advantages of in-house training, continuous education and training of employees also promotes customer satisfaction and has a positive effect on the overall success of the company. Because performance and productivity can be improved in qualitative and quantitative terms through qualified personnel.

Individual and tailor-made in-house seminars

Agile methodologies and digital skills are significantly shaping the way we work today, and the ever-changing world of the modern workplace continues to place new demands on employees. This includes the fact that companies have different needs. Even if two companies are in the same industry and have similar goals, each company is still a little individual due to its culture or organisational form.

This is where we come in, with a seminar from the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy you can successfully equip your team! We offer a variety of seminars and trainings that are precisely tailored to your needs and the further training requirements of your employees - whether digital skills, up-to-date knowledge or agile methods, we will create a customised in-house training for you. Just let us know your individual needs or choose a thematically suitable seminar from our portfolio. Together we will agree on the desired content and format.

In addition to in-house training, we also offer training in the form of coaching, moderation, mediation, workshops and lectures. It is also possible to hold a webinar.

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The training concept of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy

An in-house training course at the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy means that highly qualified experts bring your employees up to a uniform level of knowledge - in a practical, needs-oriented and efficient manner.

A large number of practical exercises are used in all our seminars and further training courses. These exercises simulate real-life situations from everyday professional life and are excellent for trying out different approaches and concepts. This is followed by reflection through feedback from the instructor, the group and, if desired, through video analysis. Group discussions, individual and partner work complete the in-house training. The exchange of experiences contributes to being able to look beyond one's own context. Participants' questions are always integrated into the course and corresponding documents round off the training and consolidate the knowledge in the long term.

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