Development programme for project managers of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy

Development Program for Project Managers

Your path to becoming a project management professional

Setting up the development programme for project managers

The Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy's Project Management Development Programme consists of a compulsory module on project management and three elective modules, each of which includes a two-day seminar. Each of the four modules covers a separate area of competence:

  1. Compulsory module: Project management
  2. Elective module: Work organisation & work technique
  3. Elective module: Leadership
  4. Elective module: Communication

Let yourself be inspired by the range of topics for the three elective modules and decide on one of the suggestions in each case. We will be happy to advise you personally on the most suitable elective modules for you.

The development programme for project managers allows you to save 10% compared to booking four individual seminar events. When booking your chosen development programme, please let us know which elective modules you have selected. We will automatically include the above discount in the invoice.

1st compulsory module: Seminar Project Management

2nd elective module: Seminar Work Technique & Work Organisation

  • Recommendation
Time Management Seminar
  • 55 Dates
  • 14 Cities
52 Reviews

3rd elective module: Seminar Leadership

4th elective module: Seminar Communication

Moderation training
  • 18 Dates
  • 8 Cities
35 Reviews
Conflict Management Seminar
  • 37 Dates
  • 13 Cities
27 Reviews

Would you like to further customise the project management development programme?

In each of the three elective modules of the development programme for project managers listed above, we present two seminars from which you can always choose one. Please feel free to contact us if our seminar proposals do not meet the personal further training needs of your project managers. We will help you find a custom-fit selection of seminar modules from our comprehensive portfolio of topics that will meet your individual development needs.

Our goal is to ensure that your project managers' learning journey with our project management development programme is as customised and individual as possible!

Optional module: coaching for salespeople & salespeople

Individual coaching package
begleitendes Coaching zum Entwicklungsprogramm für Projektmanager
690,00 821,10
3 10