Coachings of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy


Coachings of the Dr. G. Kitzmann Academy - target-oriented and effective

Your personal coach for your individual questions

Coaching is the most individual of all ways to further your education. It helps to discover unrecognised potential and to master personal challenges. The success of coaching stands and falls with the chemistry between coach and coachee. In addition, the coach must be an expert in the topics relevant to you.

We help you identify the most suitable coach for you from our comprehensive pool of competent and sympathetic coaches.

Select the coaching package that is right for you and the amount of time you need

Coaching package for professionals & specialists
Coaching for professionals
570,00 678,30
3 10

The suitable coaching package for employees with expert know-how without management responsibility.

Coaching package for managers
Coaching for managers
690,00 821,10
3 10

With this package you make the right choice if you are a team, division or department manager.

Coaching package for top management
Coaching for top management
810,00 963,90
3 10

With this coaching package, top managers and CEOs find sparring partners at eye level.